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Whenever we hear word “equality” in indian society the first thing comes in our mind is ‘man’ and ‘woman’ but no one really cares what’s going on with our transgender community or we can say LGBT community.
In todays generation of tiktok and youtube,people make fun of them like there is nothing as such exist for them and they are just born to be humiliated.But now as cases of their humiliation increasing day by day someone have to take a step in their protection and the time have come to support them.
Support LGBT,Support Humanity


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  1. Guys Mai khud chahta hu ki Carryminati ki video jald se jald wapas aa jaaye. Ham Kosis krenge Carryminati se baat kerne ka. Joya Tripathy Jee ko hamne saare facts bataye the jispe unhone ye response diya. Agar possible ho toh video ko share kare so that we can talk to carryminati as soon as possible.



  2. Jeez as a bi female who's panromantic people are so ignorant these days im not even blaming them. Blame goes to no one as in society we should educate people about their sexuality we should have sex education in our school only then people can think about this fact that straight is not a default option.

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    Please sign this petition if you support LGBT…. #WeAreOne.. #LGBTdeserveEquality! Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!!!
    PS: This is not at all related to Caaryminati… It's just for the sake of LGBT people in general. For more information, please visit the link!

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  6. 100 percent True they playing LGBT card ye khud izzat nhi karte LGBT community ki. Aap logo ne kabhi dekha Amir S n team07 ko LGBT community ko support kiya kabhi Carry minati ka video vapis aana chahiye#CARRYMINATIARMY.


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