LoL Epic Moments #63 – Epic Lucian 1vs5 Outplay | League of Legends


LoL Epic Moments #63 – Epic Lucian 1vs5 Outplay | League of Legends
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  1. AbreuSD says

    song 6:50?

  2. QuePedoTello says

    subscribe my channel will be a channel and free lol riot

  3. Dereck29999 Morales says

    este no es el league of legends del facebook es otro

  4. Abraão de Oliveira says

    Essa jogadas de Lucian só mostram que esse boneco precisa de nerf só isso mais nd pq qqr um joga com isso

  5. Валентин Матолов says

    Report ashe xD 2:23

  6. Metin Karacam says

    Check out my League of Legends vids guys!

  7. ZzXDaMaGedXzZ says

    5:25 my play lal 😀

  8. Jeff Ordeniza says


  9. ???? says

    This version is so outdated.If you want a true hack tool for this game simply search " maxiesguides " in google.

  10. NCataclysm says

    Check out my yt with my penta Lucian! And holy shit that maokai lmao!

  11. Larza Drissia says

    Omfg nice videos tou are better than brofesco

  12. Alan says

    hehe xd

  13. Dandis 99 says

    whats the name of the last song? Its really good

  14. Jingyi Chen says

    lol tyler 1

  15. unit900000 says

    lmao the urf bard

  16. Teeje says

    there's always a thresh hooking ezreal, getting boring

  17. Tomer Ivanir says

    israels are here omg xd

  18. Zhivko Zlatev says

    Im pro

  19. Pancake says

    What's the point of the intro where it features your channel url? I mean, we're already here on your channel.

  20. 2BATZ says

    tyler1 was the best

  21. Dillon White says

    lucian would be balanced if they double his mana costs.. and reduced the damage on all his spells

  22. ItsJustAZedMain says

    Love ya for using my lee clip <3

  23. kwstas taras says


  24. Matt says

    how can you seen in a video for good out plays? i have one were me and my adc got tower dove and i got a triple with my adc living on like 50 hp

  25. oe g says

    7:35 BROOK ??? HOHOHOHO

  26. Joseph Brostar says

    sure the lucian one was an outplay but doing that much dmg makes it seem a lot less then an outplay, screw riot and korean build lucian

  27. behind shadow says

    Heyyyyyyyyy baby girl

  28. Shaponja says

    always thought maokai was a 0 dmg tank but was tanky af

  29. Bryan Tan says

    Lissandra: Time to get a health relic
    Enemy Team: STOP HERRRRR
    Lissandra: I mean the health relic behind my tower, once I kill you two

  30. Azertifi says

    Lucian broken –'

  31. Mister Malik says

    hehe xd

  32. Hechtex says

    Thank you @SoloMid for using my lucian play!

  33. בר לב ארי says

    how called the song in the middle gravity?

  34. David says

    3:55 wow that hitbox.

  35. Wan Bak says

    2:50 my playyy <3

  36. Prinz Louis Restor says

    That maokai is the reson why I hate maokai😐😐

  37. Krzysztof Rud says

    8:28 my plays <3

  38. ProP says

    Gosh… This akali Chall !!

  39. Mihail Nenov says

    rest in peperoni tyler fuckin 1

  40. Berk Adak says

    bronze plays..

  41. OOF says

    hehe xd

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