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This is the Mazda CX-5! It’s a decent size family SUV that’s looking to go head-to-head with the likes of the Ford Kuga and Volkswagen Tiguan. But with such an array of SUV options available on the road today, how does the CX-5 stack up against the competition? Join Mat for a full run-down of this SUV, along with some real-world testing where you can find out just what it’s like to drive and live with on a daily basis!

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  1. Useless car with no spare parts. The DC converter is so bad and placed just below the humber so you look for spares all over.

  2. A Mazda in any form is an excellent reliable brand. However, the CX 5 is still a BOX with little or no style. It is a class called BORING.

  3. 0:18 Pretty much wrong comparison, if THE original SUGAR-FILLED Coca Cola made 25% of all Coca Cola sales, then it'd make sense.

    In Taiwan there have been large protests over the cx5/Lemon

  5. WARNING ; DON NOT BUY Mazda POS. When new they seem great but Previous 2012-2018 models had tons of SERIOUS problems at average milage, i'm talking 30 to 100k. I'm one of the unlucky ones with a blown engine (head gasket turbo failure,2nd turbo @100k ) They suffer major engine failure, gearbox problems, braking system, etc MAZDA Will tell you its tough luck once your warranty run's out YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. google mazda cx5 problems. I bought a used 2012 from a Mazda dealer it had the turbo replaced, i've changed filters @15k not 20k as they recommended i constantly monitored the oil. Recently whilst doing so I noticed the coolant had gone way over the max mark. I pulled some out and it smelt like exhaust gases. Back to main dealer requires new engine head gasket and new turbo, GAME OVER. Mazda have said " shit happens ". I am going after them. These engines are failing all over the world. google cx5 engine problems. 
    Mat Watson Cars, you surprise me Mat. I watched your previous in depth reviews on the earlier CX5 and went out and bought one. Why are you still praising and promoting this vehicle. You do realise these cars are having major engine failures worldwide ? If you don't you should !

  6. No, the Coca Cola is full of SUGAR. More accurate would be to say full of Bad Calories (in the form of SUGAR)

  7. The long slot in the rear seat's armrest is for a phone or tablet while they're not using them but don't want to put them far away either.

  8. Stop dragging that crappy case over the boot lip plastic. If you did that in my car you’d have a slap.

  9. I am wondering if a 4×8 plywood or drywall can fit in this vehicule. I am pretty sure it doesn’t fit horizontally but does it diagonally?

  10. I believes that Mazda quality surpassed Toyota right now. The back side glass is ugly and should not curve up. Down is best.

  11. Surely a centre console that moves a bit could be a life-saver if a truck hits from the side – collapsable in a side crash would be tops ?

  12. Shame on you…this is not the the 2020 car…you just changed the title. It's not even the 2019 latest model

  13. If you have a premium sound system in the car (like the Bose system here) sound quality from a CD will be loads better than from Spotify. I like listening to good quality music so thumbs up to Mazda to keep the CD slot. Try a CD instead of Spotify once, you must just enjoy it ?

  14. Value for money, Fun to drive, reliable, NA, no CVT, good built in and brilliant design, despite the infotainment… u should buy it

  15. Nothing wrong with the CD drive. Many people still have audio CD's, why should not be able to play them?

  16. Mazda xc 5
    Honda CRV
    Toyota RAV 4
    Nissan Rogue
    Jeep compass
    Anyone please suggest which one among the above mentioned will be the top best SUV to buy in USA ?


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