Mecha Malphite Skin Spotlight League of Legends


League of Legends Mecha Malphite Skin.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Malphite on their Mecha Skin.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Pros:
    – Great splash art
    – Unique Recall
    – VO modification (robotic)

    -Looks like a plastic toy when it should look like a robot
    -Effects are not too amazing (exept for ult and passive)

    Overall: Glacial is still better and Malph needs a VU/VGU

  2. i suppose they made both last mecha skins (aatrox/malph) more based on blue to give the feeling of fresher mecha skins than kha'zix.. also i understand that if this one would be more gray/black with red, it would look closer to classic malphite's skin.. which is dark brown with red highlights and effects..
    it would be tough then to put a 1350rp price on it dont you think?
    but honestly if the color pattern was closer to mecha kha'zix it would be an instant buy for me.. imagine its on 50% discount at the moment (675rp) and while i saved rp for it, im not sure if i buy it or go for the Ironside skin

  3. Glacial looks batter, this looks like a toy and glacial needs a b animation and don't forget that glacial is waaaaay older skin than this one.

  4. MALPHITE NEEDS A VISUAL UPDATE!!! Seriously, the stone pillars on his back on the classic skin look like bamboo sticks 🙁

  5. selling account with this skin + 1 more skin for malphite and soem other characters for 10 euro(cheaper then buying!) contact me, reply to this pls


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