Mekong Delta Tour Film ?? (Ho Chi Minh City)


One of the most popular tour in Ho chi minh city(Saigon) is the Mekong Delta tour. Starting from less than 20 USD or 400K VND, you can spend the day experiencing the local vietnamese life alongside the Mekong river.

But like the other tours in Vietnam, the tour guide will try to sell products all the time. I would say don’t expect too much since the tour comes at such an affordable price 🙂

[ Music ]
► Music Credit: Ross Bugden – Reverie

► Whitesand – Forgotten
Music provided by No Copyright Music:

Music used: Forgotten by Whitesand

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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  1. 완전 힐링여행이네요
    조용한걸 좋아하는 저에게 딱이겠에요
    영상에 잘 담으신거 같아요 잘보고 갑니다 🙂

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