Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Mercedes E-Class is a compact executive saloon that’s supremely comfortable – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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  2. I would not buy a car because it can take a water bottle in the side door. What a thing to suggest on a video it takes a water bottle.really

  3. It is high time these so called, luxury car companies, started concentrating on getting the basics right. They could start with an in-car audio system!

  4. why don't they offer different front grill option in the uk? Much prefer S-class style grill rather than this sporty looking one.

  5. Carwow has joined the filthy, corrupted practice of most YouTube channels, it seems: publishing videos with misleading titles: this is a 2016 model, yet title says "Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review" … shame on you … people often complain about corruption in politics… but are never ashamed of practicing everyday corrupted 'small' acts whenever it fits them.


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