Minecraft 1.14 AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (Clicker Included) For The Village And Pillage Update


Minecraft 1.14 Tutorial Playlist ►
This minecraft 1.14 tutorial will show you how to build an afk fishing farm for the village and pillage update.

AFK Fishing Farm Program

Minecraft 1.14 AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial For The Update Aquatic – 100% reliable and server ready!

Smallest AFK Fish Farm 1.14 | MiniClips

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  1. xisumavoid says

    To answer some questions :
    1 – The warnings over the .exe file were to emphasis being cautious downloading executable online. I have shown you my code and how it was made
    2 – Using lure III is better, I have ran tests and drop rates for good loot is increased with all 4 enchantments together.
    3 – I mostly made this video to share the clicker and get a farm out there for 1.14

  2. Milena Russu says

    How do i use it on mobile?

  3. poncie jose says

    people who needs it for OP items
    me who needs it for fish

  4. Rupert Bean says

    How do you install the auto clicker

  5. Cringerbread Man says

    doesn't work anymore

  6. Ie1222 says

    Lol just tape the right click down.

  7. Kay Jackson says

    It's not working the waters just flowing out

  8. Avgitidis says

    i cant find it in your site (im clicking decription and downloda here and it is going me on maps download)

  9. Emily Valentine says

    Hello 🙂 Where do I get a Auto clicker for AFK?

  10. Master Ketamine says

    R.I.P OP Fish Farm. We won't forget you

  11. Ruben G says

    Cheers mate, it worked

  12. Esser Husein says

    Had it for 2h and didn't get anything, does it not work on console?

  13. Jeishka Garcia says

    Will this work on ps4?

  14. SpryFlare says

    i have a question. will the clicker still work if i minimize the window like if i go and watched youtube or something?

  15. anubhav sharma says

    Easy method: change controls of the right mouse button to any key on the keyboard and keep something on the key such as a pen.

  16. Mary G says

    Rip afk fish farms

  17. o_O says

    This video is no longer valid after 1.16

  18. Zephon says

    Can’t u just tape down the mouse right click

  19. Ian W says


  20. ImmortalZod says

    I have a problem where my lure gets sucked into the hopper and stops the rod from casting again after getting the fish.

  21. Zesar Fernandez says

    Does this work for bedrock?( xbox) ive been waiting to get at least a lily pad and hasn't worked…

  22. Forgiven Gaming says

    Does holding down lt work the same

  23. Forgiven Gaming says

    Does it work on xbox

  24. Mathematican Chen says

    AFK fish farm is currently not working for the snapshot 20w12a in 1.16. The afk fish farm now probably only work in older versions currently.

  25. Vasaris Juodelis says

    Sad times no more treasure loot in 1.16

  26. kepas says

    why it dont give me enything

  27. SARS-CoV-2 says

    New minecraft snapshot removes fish farming properly i think lol

  28. Nitros_speeder says

    without you i would have stayed a noob

    btw never use this with 2000 speed hack level

  29. The Giggler says

    When I fish the rod gets caught on hopper what do I do

  30. powder. says

    You can create a hopper and dispenser loop that dispenses a new fishing rod over and over again and if u fill ur inventory exept for on slot every the ur rod breaks the loop ca just dispense a new rod

  31. Joel Ligeiro says

    does it work on 1.15??

  32. Laz3rTaz3r says

    Jk lol like irl?

  33. Zeno Sama says

    Omg get the the fucking point

  34. Ov3rload says

    if this doesnt work it means my lag is too high? i try every variant and all it does is opens the preasure plate over and over, sometimes, very rarely, it does what its supposed to do
    edit: after further "research", it just doesnt want to work at all, if i dont move the mouse it will infinitelly go with the open and close

  35. REAPER says

    will it still work even if you put blocks around the farm

    also wtf i got no books even if i had a day of fishing
    please tell me if it gives me books

  36. Blaze_Hype says

    im on xbox r.i.p

  37. wulfrvm says

    notice: you need to press F3 + P to be able to alt+tab while fishing. it changes a debug option that disables the pause menu appearing when you're in a different menu.

  38. Chocho Hussain says


  39. Haze says

    just gonna let u guys know that it doesnt work on version 14.30 on bedrock edition, or i just have some dumb luck and/or i am doing it wrong

  40. TommyOriginal says


  41. איילה דולבנץ says

    So…i'm either dumb either just don't know how to do basic things but…HOW DOES ONE AFK FISH FARM??

    I made it and it NEVER works, no matter how many time i click…i do it all like the people say and show, i've tried like 100 diffrent fish farms and they NEVER work!!!

    Someone help!! T~T

  42. Praneeth says

    Is this working on 1.15.2 Java edition? I tried and the fishing rod just keeps on launching and retracting.
    Why I have to use a noteblock? I'm using wood log instead…won't that work?

  43. ADH3423 H says

    Me who is playing hardcore survival : * cant find any noteblocks *

    Also me : guess i gotta find a replacement

    *steals a bell*

  44. Comic Guy says

    It works but the string gets stuck in the hopper

  45. Rage OG says

    Hi clickbaity

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