Minecraft 1.15 AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial For The Buzzy Bees Update


Minecraft 1.15 Tutorial Playlist ►
This minecraft 1.15 tutorial will show you how to build an afk fishing farm for the buzzy bees update.

AFK Fishing Farm Program

Smallest AFK Fish Farm 1.14 | MiniClips

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  1. This method is not afk because that means you have to be away from the keyboard, not doing other things on your computer.

  2. The pressure plate gets back to normal once it fishes, so I only get one catch, any suggestions on how to fix that?

  3. Hey your inventory on intro is full of enchanted books and good items! Reality is that you going to get only few usles books ( piercing 3, efficiency 3 lure 2, luck of the sea 2, protection 3 etc..) per hour! The rest of it is more like junk of the sea!!

  4. Ok this might sound weird but I didn't want to download a auto-clicker so I just put the handle of my knife on my mouse and it held down right-click.

  5. Everyone , a sad moment has happened in minecraft history , the server play.coronacraft.org is going down , i plead you all to check this server out , to try it and if you like it to maybe spread the word about it , and if not maybe go around with your day but it will put a genuine smile on my face if at least 1 person shared this to their friend

  6. I kinda feel bad for some of you guys, so I just wanted to say that the honey block is optional. You can replace it for dirt or any other block.

  7. server i play on really has an anti afk fish farm. after right clicking consistently it returns me to the hub of the server

  8. This doesn't work for me. I download the clicker, but I cannot open it. I try ctrl+alt+w while in minecraft, but nothing pops up.


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