Minecraft: AFK Fish Farm | Tutorial (NO AUTO CLICKER!) (1.15+)


How to build a Minecraft AFK Fish Farm in 1.15+ editions

Hey everyone, CaptainOwl here and today im going to be showing you on how to make a Minecraft AFK Fish Farm for your Minecraft 1.16 worlds!

These AFK Fish Farms are very OP (overpowered) in the sense that you can get a lot of loot easily in the first steps of the game! These items range from simple armor to crazy enchanted gear to upgrade how you play Minecraft!

This video goes into a deep tutorial on how to build an AFK fish farm and how to use it effectively!


Shaderpack I use:

Music: Kudasai – Technocolor

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  1. CaptainOwl says

    Hope these tips help

  2. Eamon O'Brien says

    Thx this helped me so so much 🙂

  3. kei says

    This doesn't work on ps4

  4. Julian Alexander says

    I don't know what I did wrong it's not working on console

  5. Veljko Begovic says

    Omg it accualy works thank you so much

  6. Rovic Aguila says

    Does it work in snapshot versions??

  7. itsYashie26 says


  8. XxOmarDaBetterxX says

    This didn’t work sadly

  9. Insane Zams says


  10. Jack Evans says

    Thanks, You really helped me out!! 😄

  11. pandikworld says


  12. Amanda Stowman says

    im sad it did not work ]:

  13. troll trooll says

    Does this work for 1.16

  14. lxmonchild says

    ok but like I love ur base 🥺

  15. Mr Pump Volts says

    Nothing works for iOS

  16. eb 123 says

    What texture packs are you using

  17. Kin says

    U a genius tho

  18. Rain Bow says

    how can i minimalize the game and do my stuff on desktop i can shift tab or ctrl esc still

  19. Bing Bong says

    And of course, hoot on!
    Sounds similar to
    And of course, noodle on!
    Who got the reference?

  20. Luqman Hakim says

    hey i have a question. does the top of the water source block needs to be exposed to the sky?

  21. Harry Davis says

    What about on ps4

  22. Tigeradon527 says

    When I do f3 and t and I catch a fish it casts back before it goes under the pressure plate

  23. meme graveyard says

    Does this work on console?

  24. One Sabbath says

    This works I went from desert temple house to a replica of danTDM’s hardcore base with this and it works I will forever hoot on

  25. Xeno Jiiva says

    Im watching this while being afk and fishing

  26. Jonah Johnson says

    Thanks this helped me so much

  27. Chad Unnering says

    Must use oak tree?

  28. jasper says

    Oak fence

  29. Xeno Jiiva says

    Is the shader good in night time

  30. No one Loves me says

    Thx I’ve been searching forever

  31. Anthony Baeza says

    You will get more items from AFK fishing if the block that you are fishing on is exposed to the sunlight. At least that’s how it was a couple updates ago

  32. Sam George says

    It works for me but I can’t seem to get enough string to craft fishing rods. Any tips?

  33. T1me W4sted says

    Does this work on bedrock

  34. No Name says

    I love you

  35. MrTacoCraver says

    Does this work on console bedrock?

  36. Oh no No says

    Did anyone else see the spawn egg

  37. Salciano says

    F3 + T Opens my chat window :O

  38. Noth1ng says

    Thanks Its works in Minecraft v 14.4, i subscribe you 😉

  39. RXE XYZONZZZ says

    Does this work on mobile? Cause i keep clicking and nothing pops up in my chest ;(

  40. • Necros says

    I do it exactly like the video, but my fishing rod goes down and doesn’t push the pressure plate idk why, can someone help me?

  41. toulouke 1 says

    Thank yo uso much dude

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