Minecraft: AFK Fish Farm | Tutorial (NO AUTO CLICKER!) (1.15+)


How to build a Minecraft AFK Fish Farm in 1.15+ editions

Hey everyone, CaptainOwl here and today im going to be showing you on how to make a Minecraft AFK Fish Farm for your Minecraft 1.16 worlds!

These AFK Fish Farms are very OP (overpowered) in the sense that you can get a lot of loot easily in the first steps of the game! These items range from simple armor to crazy enchanted gear to upgrade how you play Minecraft!

This video goes into a deep tutorial on how to build an AFK fish farm and how to use it effectively!


Shaderpack I use:

Music: Kudasai – Technocolor

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  1. This works I went from desert temple house to a replica of danTDM’s hardcore base with this and it works I will forever hoot on

  2. You will get more items from AFK fishing if the block that you are fishing on is exposed to the sunlight. At least that’s how it was a couple updates ago

  3. I do it exactly like the video, but my fishing rod goes down and doesn’t push the pressure plate idk why, can someone help me?


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