An external togglable Minecraft Autoclicker that can perform both left and right click Macros. The toggle button and speed are relatively easy to change.

There is no virus in Autohotkey. AutoHotkey is an open source program used by millions to make macros ranging in different complexity. In fact, Taran from LineTechTips used AutoHotKey for his 200+ Macro Keys Keyboard for Adobe.


Left Click Macro


Alison Wonderland x M-Phazes – Messiah (WILDLYF Remix)


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  1. Abdallah Tliha says

    help pls
    when i write Click_ right
    and compile it
    it say "there is error in line 8 "click_ right"

  2. Mr.Kristijan gamesッ says

    My friend: No you can't just have a afk farm!!!
    Me:haha right click spam go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    What if we add Sleep 0.01
    Will it start spamming between 0.01 millisecond??

  4. Ruqix Cubing says

    i will need you to stop saying "i will need you to"

  5. alttt says

    anyway to make it so it only clicks when i hold left click?

  6. TumyS says

    Can u do something for right click to breezily??

  7. Kani says


  8. breadplayz says

    wow he only got 12 subs ad 5k views
    well now it 13

  9. I will hack Your Roblox acc says

    On what key are you activating right click

  10. OverSupplied says

    but good autoclicker

  11. OverSupplied says

    only 11 subs lol

  12. Kaneki Ken says

    how to have more cps on it or like i need atleast 15+ cps, can you please tell me how to? Thank you so much if You will respond me.

  13. iM Trash says

    tyvm now I can farm exp in server with right click legit¬ my afk farm , tyvm

  14. Shizzins says

    Can you change the script so that it doesnt click everysecond and it only stops when you press the toggle button, it is very frustrating to press the toggle button everytime i want to stop, i want it to stop if i stop right clicking, pls help.

  15. Clorax says

    please stop slobbering onto your mic, it sounds like you are tongue fucking your mic.

  16. nuna yabizniss says

    Time to get banned… Thnx

  17. nthrbrk says

    were you high filming this?

  18. Seki says

    or u can just download a autoclicker lol xD

  19. Vunoli says

    Hey bro can you help me out here, so I got it so that when I play minecraft and build things like filling in a floor I could put down blocks fast but now when I shut it off it won’t let me do it spams when I click things so I can’t use my laptop which mind u is very expensive so I’m a lil frustrated

  20. Azigz says

    it a virus?
    the google is defend the page
    Message:this archive contain one virus or malware

  21. mattias5433 says

    can you make a right click script doe? with like 30 cps

  22. ASMR Anna says

    Could you make a review about my AHK autoclicker?

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