Minecraft Bedrock: WORKING AFK Fish Farm! With Auto clicker! All Platforms!


*Check pinned comment* Welcome to another Bedrock Edition Tutorial! Today i show you how to build a new AFK fish farm! This one uses a tripwire hook, and is redstone free! Also very cheap and easy to build! If you liked this tutorial, consider subscribing so you don’t miss the next one! 😊💕

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Latest video! Truly Bedrock Episode 28! SEASON FINALE!

Semi-AFK fish farm design!

The auto clicker i use! (Be sure to avoid “download here” ads!)

Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials!

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  1. silentwisperer says

    *1.12 Has changed bobber physics, this design now has issues, you need to aim higher than i show in the video. Overall i would recommend building the other one i show in this video, as its still reliable!* https://youtu.be/NkVgkrbVhq0

    Thanks for watching peeps! If you have the old design, keep it! Still works perfectly! 😀 Also, should tell you about the fence gates! Lower one is there so that the bobber goes up into the water, but can still fall down past it. Upper water logged one is their to align the bobber, and should be closed i found having the upper gate there helps make it more reliable! If your having issues with this one, make sure you got the aim very correct, or maybe try the other design 😊💙

  2. Daniel Murray says

    I tried this and it does not work

  3. use dis says

    if you're on PC you can hold down your right button on your mouse and unplug it while holding it down and it auto fishes.

  4. Alper Keskinturk says

    the bob just falls in the hopper and wont work

  5. will big boi says

    what is the best time for the auto clicker to click

  6. Adventourous Skipper323 says

    the bob keeps bouncing off the water

  7. dormdude says

    Doesn't seem to work anymore. So matter where you click the bobber does not go into the water.

  8. Diwen Fan says

    How do you auto click on mobile?

  9. Evan Chretien says

    I'd also recommend putting a second hopper under your feet pointing at the first one in case the stuff fills up your inventory and doesn't get caught by the first hopper.

  10. Fan OFGaming With Jotham that has 3 subs says

    Can this work on mcpe

  11. Clips of a Kid says

    Just know I love you for this

  12. turtle ninja says

    The hook is keep dropping how do i stop that

  13. Zach Myers says

    as of November 11 the second farm is perfect

  14. Marty Boyle says

    Doesent work on Windows 10 edition

  15. Rage Quitter says

    can you do a video on how to set up and use Autoclicker

  16. Luxurious 03 says

    All platforms!
    Yeah, the clicker is limited to PC though

  17. EthanSpitfire says

    what is the auto clicker speed for the first fish farm

  18. tan siang says

    Minecraft pocket editon don't have cross hair how do I know

  19. benny perez says

    How how does work? can i still watch videos/youtube or netflix while this auto clicker is doign its thing?

  20. HoliChubbz04 says

    Dumb question, but does this work on mcpe? Not sure it will but i just need an answer

  21. Connor agar says

    I have an auto clicker it’s called putting an item on your trogger

  22. Damegy0 says

    It works on MCPE?

  23. Aldrich Matthew says

    umm it doesnt work on bedrock

  24. Dan Kelly says

    i don't understand you have to right click to re cast ur line but the auto clicker hes using only does left clicks of right clicks but not at the same time which means this farm isn't fully afk?

  25. Sam Mayotte says

    thank you! works well and im happy! I sub

  26. Dylan Bennett says

    I have tried every single method for fish farms and I just can't seem to get it. Any help would be much appreciated! I set everything up exactly the same as in the video, however, when I hold down the mouse button on the note block and the sinker animation happens, I don't get ANY loot whatsoever. Please help!!

  27. DannyBRO BLOX says

    Hey guys for conse players use a rubber ban for ur left trigger it actually works

  28. AR K says

    I have tried different variations of afk farm, this is the only one that worked.

  29. Husikingach says

    Does this work on realms ?

  30. SuperEthan Gaming says

    Auto Clicker for console is called a Rubber Band

  31. Fresh Out The Box Memes says




  33. Luca D says

    Thank you sooooo much 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  34. C N Ah Theivagt says

    what is an auto clicker

  35. James Dhanraj says

    Doesn’t work anymore

  36. Ismail Lewis says

    So wich version works with pocket edition

  37. Dakoda Whitaker says

    I could not get this to work on ps4 plz help

  38. The Tiktaalik says

    I cant get mine water to place inside of the fence gate. Could someone help?

  39. Ryan Derhammer says

    Doesn’t work

  40. Default Backpack says

    Will it work on mcpe?

  41. PugPlayZ says

    also what about if you go to sleep for example how will it go back to the water

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