Minecraft Bedrock: WORKING Semi-AFK Fish Farm! No Auto clicker! All Platforms!


In this short Bedrock Edition Tutorial, I’m happy to bring you a very simple SEMI-AFK Fish farm! This fish farm works on all bedrock edition platforms, and is very very easy to use and build! Share this video around with your friends, and do leave a like so more people can see and use this!! 😀 ?

What’s the next thing you want me to do? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Video music by Argofox:

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  1. How do you like the little bits of music i have at the start and end? Never really done it with a tutorial before:) Also, i hope you all get tons of use out of this!! Remember to share this around and press all the buttons! Youtube loves button presses! ??

  2. The first one doesn't work, but as of May 15th 2020, the second one works great! Don't hit the block in the lower right corner though, hit it a little below halfway.

  3. This design is not fully afk though:
    Just fish like you normally do, but have a fencer with a pressure plate on top in front of you. Underneath that, have a hopper leading into a chest behind the fence.
    Technically just the Java Edition Fish Farm. Any object that gets fished will get caught by the pressure plate and fall into the hopper. All it does is save your inventory space.

  4. I keep having the bobber fall under the pressure plate, and the only way to get it to stay in the water is to go further back where it doesn’t fall at all and won’t trigger the alarm

  5. Confirmed working April 27, 2020. I used cobblestone blocks on Xbox One and had to aim up a bit higher with my fishing rod. Make sure the block is outlined (not the water)


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