Minecraft – Tap AutoClicker (External Launcher) – WiZARD HAX


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★ Minecraft -Tap AutoClicker (External Launcher) – WiZARD HAX

▼ More Info/Download:

☠ Created by: _snak3

▼ Tutorial – How-to Install Hacked Clients:

▼ Minecraft Server IP:
➜ play.wizardhax.com

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▼ Discord:

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Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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  1. Kuba Jeśko says

    will you give this Tap Client what's on the video please? Because in the description to download is ahkClicker

  2. Freezy Void says

    Kinda shit, I have a better one, it doubles ur cps, right and left click and has way more features

  3. Azzlack HD says

    How can i change the Alt hotkey?

  4. PapiXholo Abdul kahbar says

    You’ll be banned

  5. Abel Martinez says

    THanks i have it now its awesome i think it works better when u lower the miliseconds

  6. Kreup [standoff 2] says

    Nice clicker (ebaaaaat)

  7. Zerphyr says

    download didn't work

  8. FiniteGaming83 says

    does anyone have the script to this?

  9. Rafhaisnoor says

    _snak3 pls help me its not working
    i already do what you do in the video but its not working.
    even every auto clicker (outside minecraft) i see in youtube is not working

  10. ツRaptor says

    activate button?

  11. Raindlan says

    How do i remove the spamcrouch when i fastclick and crouch

  12. Devvy says

    "and today guys im gonna show you guys"

  13. Hensteve says

    the download is not working 🙁

  14. dmoriarty20 says

    wow he's weird.

  15. スライム says

    The site to download is over

    Is there any other site to download?

  16. Wizzky says

    gateway error in website wtf?

  17. FAZI !!!;d says


  18. Beenjaah tu awela says


  19. Saw Ee Chuan says

    i want auto right click!

  20. Tripfusion says

    take this video down tap is not available now…

  21. qull says


  22. Crakrzz says

    the site for download only says thank you

  23. Dz craft/ جزائري كرافت says

    Link doesn't work

  24. Cresana says

    shift is my sprint key lol

  25. RedMonk3y06 says

    download doesnt appear?

  26. Tayris says


  27. kaptan monster says

    Orul Orul Orospu Çocuğu Hileler Senin Yüzünden Bukadar Çok Orul Orul Orospu Çoçuğu

  28. Cynthia Ravenberg says

    It can't be downloaded from the site, and you used notap and autokey's, I could make those hacks

  29. ギャングVershide says


  30. Hang Up says

    rip tap

  31. Last mod anything you know on minecraft says

    i cant download it

  32. Mystical Fishy says

    ok so this is where the cheaters get inspiration from. Xd

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