Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights


Watch full highlights between Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich.

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Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights

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  1. FOX Soccer says

    Do you think Bayern Munich will turn things around and once again win Bundesliga?

  2. MrGumbwit says

    Borussia Mönchengladbach appear to be the only club that can defeat Bayern at least once every season.

  3. Jaime Alex says

    No James no party

  4. Memoli 1 says

    Başaksehir ayvayı yedi beyler

  5. Portero01 says

    Bladbach knows all weaknesses of Neuer. Football are Impressed.

  6. Harrison West says

    Out of this world video production, I love it so much … Prime part is 1:29. I up one dancing, Plsss come and tell me your opinion 💘 🔥 💘

  7. ONG ZC says

    Sommer has so many mistake bad…

  8. E s s a says

    0:45 = save of the season

  9. Eric Johnson says

    Fantastic seeing plastics lose 🙌

  10. Yoojin says

    Feels great to see bayern lose a game

  11. Maximus says

    Bayern will be back at the top mark my words….

  12. Arnaud Chesnay says

    So I’m in a competition with my friends and who gets the most like win so please like if you see this comment

  13. PascalFL says

    Grass wasn't good on the field. Lewandowski can't score.

  14. Yazan Bata says

    I only watch Bundesliga highlights when Bayern loses. 😌

  15. Grdj Grdj says

    Algerian grinta

  16. Grdj Grdj says

    Algerian warrior

  17. dody putra says

    Marco rose for bayern

  18. Ricardo Vargas says

    Y Coutinho, qué pasó, solo fuerza gusta en estos equipos , ahora el que falla es el polaco porque no mete nada o no le entra nada por más que se genere, el es el que mete las niñas y todos lo buscan

  19. H P says

    By the way: very good pronunciation of the German names. 🙂

  20. H P says

    Typically, I am not a great fan of Fox but I love that they broadcast Bundesliga an I can use this service whenever I am in the US. Great!

  21. jonbudi says


  22. Saiful Ahmad says


  23. Lorenzo D says

    Finally someone other than Bayern is going to win the Bundesliga

  24. aku dewa says

    bayern munchen itu paling best
    kalau taruhan di QQhokibola
    pasti tembus

  25. muhammad irfan says

    Pocchetino seems a good deals for munich

  26. kaLamity says

    Bayern Munich currently sitting in 7th while Borussia Monchengladbach currently 1st. Is Bayern Munich's domination in the Bundesliga coming to an end?

  27. F M says

    Sommer save of the season

  28. Bear says

    We need better centre backs. Boateng needs to leave and Alaba isn’t a centre back. Davies also can’t defend to save his life, he is a winger. I was also hoping wenger would take over.

  29. Vikingdom says

    Bayern plays their usual hard pace and fast attacking style but other teams have probably adapt and learn to cope with them.

  30. Christiano Messi says

    Bayern collapsed

  31. Lucian Bauer says


  32. Zaki Al says

    I guess feeling the coach is Pellegrini just may bee..

  33. Tengku Syafiq says

    Monchengladbach will win bundesliga this season.. Trust me all👍

  34. Alex Rochlitz says


  35. peterson Marcelin says

    What happened to coutinho?🙈

  36. Sören says

    s/o to Gladbach. Betted 20€ on them that they win Bundesliga.

  37. Sean Long says

    Yan Sommer pulled something magic out of the bag

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