Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights


Watch full highlights between Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich.

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Monchengladbach vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights

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  1. Out of this world video production, I love it so much … Prime part is 1:29. I up one dancing, Plsss come and tell me your opinion ? ? ?

  2. So I’m in a competition with my friends and who gets the most like win so please like if you see this comment

  3. Y Coutinho, qué pasó, solo fuerza gusta en estos equipos , ahora el que falla es el polaco porque no mete nada o no le entra nada por más que se genere, el es el que mete las niñas y todos lo buscan

  4. Typically, I am not a great fan of Fox but I love that they broadcast Bundesliga an I can use this service whenever I am in the US. Great!

  5. Bayern Munich currently sitting in 7th while Borussia Monchengladbach currently 1st. Is Bayern Munich's domination in the Bundesliga coming to an end?

  6. We need better centre backs. Boateng needs to leave and Alaba isn’t a centre back. Davies also can’t defend to save his life, he is a winger. I was also hoping wenger would take over.

  7. Bayern plays their usual hard pace and fast attacking style but other teams have probably adapt and learn to cope with them.


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