Monster School : Clash Royale Blue King Legendary Deck – Minecraft Animation


Video For This Week
The monster school decided to fight the Blue King in the Clash Royale and accept the Rematch.

If You Haven’t Watch Part 1 Yet, Click The Link Below

Monster School : Clash Royale
Monster School : Clash Royale Challenge
Monster School : Fighting Clash Royale Part 2

Card That I Put In The Video
– Mega Knight Decks
– Bandit Decks
– Sparky Decks
– Skeleton Army Decks
– Guards Decks
– Rocket Decks
– Fireball Decks
– Self-Zap Decks
– Electro Wizard Decks
– Miner Decks

Music and Sound:

Outro Music: Raven & Kreyn – So Happy [NCS Official Video]

If you want to watch more monster school animation click here,
My Monster School Playlist

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  1. Светлана Лосева says


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  3. RedRaven Gaming says

    3:55 he only has his big hands no swords

  4. Acegik Bdfhjl says

    I just found a great website for free coins, gems for free. it's called Haxbrawl (google it).

  5. Unknown Admin says

    Dafuck am I watching

  6. Doge ??? says


  7. Julian F says

    Wie viel Elexir

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  9. Cristina Suriano Carmona says

    Excelente trabajo pero me siento doblemente rata al ver esto

  10. HW - says

    Plis monster shockllo playing identitiy v

  11. alexander senobio gonzalez says

    Jaja perdió

  12. JoshChan says

    Blue king's deck: Mega Knight, electro wizard, freeze spell, miner, bandit, rocket and zappy( I forgot name )
    Herobrine's deck: skeletons, zombie pigman hut, zombie with big sword, guards, enderman, giant skeleton, zap spell

  13. Turtle Chubby says

    WAit wat gaurds Jill sparky?!??

  14. Abdiel Yamil Contreras Aquije says


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  16. The MTD says

    Only complains in the comments…do it better you crybabies🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  17. Ranjeet Singh says

    4:16 A Sparky can't kill giant skeleton in one attack.

    5:02 A bandit holds a twig not a sword.

  18. Tukang Wibu says

    Not server🤣😂

  19. Kae Soup says

    How does this have 20 million views

  20. Aaron lilliu says


  21. Stickercool Nemo says

    1 like = new door for them

  22. Sub 2 me 4 no reason ! says

    I thought he was doing something much worse than cooking his chicken ;


    That it’s real


    It’s so fake

  25. Yohana Contreras says


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  27. Alvin Nguyen says

    Hey is the sparky red instead of blue?

  28. Robby Robby says

    Hahahhahaha 🤣

  29. El pekka uwu says

    You don't know anything about clash royale asshole you don't know anything you're shit

  30. El pekka uwu says

    You don't know anything about clash royale asshole you don't know anything you're shit

  31. Ivan P says


  32. Ivan P says

    It's fun I got 500056

  33. Ivan P says

    I play clash royal

  34. NO TITLE says

    Go malaysia

  35. Aminath Aminath says

    rydjic xyifegji

  36. Zi Ping Chan says

    what is the character of the zombie at first

  37. Ricky Fernando says

    3:30 miner and e wiz why attack speed is so quick :v

  38. El Megacaballero says


  39. Jenaro De La Cruz says

    Lol xD

  40. 권육 says


  41. Stand animations says

    When he was crying it was the SCP 96 sound

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