[MV] Lee Sang Gon(이상곤)(NOEL) _ My love is hurt(사랑이 아프다)(Kangchi, the Beginning(구가의서) OST Pt.2)


[MV] Lee Sang Gon(이상곤)(NOEL) _ My love is hurt(사랑이 아프다)(Kangchi, the Beginning(구가의서) OST Pt.2)

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As if answering people’s question, he MBC Monday/Tuesday miniseries ‘Kangchi, the beginning’ has started with a quick storyline and the fantasy-like images. Choi Kangchi(Lee Seung Gi), who is born as a half animal and half human tries his best to live his life as a human. Along with that, Koo wol ryung(Choi Jin Hyuk) and Yoon Se-hwa(Lee yeon hee) will make the story more interesting. The second singer of the ‘Kangchi, the beginning’ has finally been revealed. It is the leader of ‘NOEL’ who has been enjoying his popularity after the comeback. He will be singing ‘My Love is hurt’ to give a sentimental voice to the drama.


[MV] Lee Sang Gon(イ・サンゴン)(NOEL) _ My love is hurt(サランイ・アプダ:愛が痛い)(Kangchi, the Beginning(九家の書) OST Pt.2)
ネチズンたちの高い関心と期待に応えるかのようにドラマ開始から没頭される早いストーリー展開とファンタジー的な映像、美しい音楽で高い評価を受けながらさわやかな出発を始めたMBC月、火ミニシリーズ [九家の書]。半人半獣に生まれたチェ・カン千(イ・スンギ扮)が、誰よりも人間的な人生を生きるために孤軍奮闘していく物語の始まりとなるク・ウォルリョン(チェ・ジンヒョク扮)とユン・ソファ(イ・ヨニ扮)の話が興味津々に展開される中、[九家の書] OSTの二番目の歌唱者がそのベールを脱いだ。優れた歌唱力とさらに成熟した舞台マナーで、カムバック以来最高の人気を享受している男性グループ ‘ノウル’のリーダー’イ・サンゴ’が、メインテーマ曲「愛が痛い」で彼の甘い感性ボイスを披露する。

네티즌들의 높은 관심과 기대에 화답하듯 드라마 시작부터 몰입되는 빠른 스토리전개와 환타지적인 영상과 아름다운 음악으로 높은 점수를 받으며 산뜻한 출발을 시작한 MBC월,화 미니시리즈 ‘구가의 서’.

반인반수로 태어난 최강치(이승기 분)가 그 누구보다 더 인간적인 삶을 살기 위해 고군분투해 나갈 이야기의 시작이 되는 구월령(최진혁 분)과 윤서화(이연희 분)의 이야기가 흥미진진하게 전개되는 가운데 ‘구가의 서’OST 두 번째 가창자가 베일을 벗었다.

뛰어난 가창력과 한층 더 성숙해진 무대매너로 컴백이후 최고의 인기를 누리고 있는 남성그룹 ‘노을’의 리더 ‘이상곤’이 메인테마곡 ‘사랑이 아프다’로 자신만의 감미로운 감성보이스를 선사한다.

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  1. 두 번째 시즌을보고 싶은 아름다운 드라마두 번째 시즌을보고 싶은 아름다운 드라마

  2. This kdrama gu family book story of wol ryuang and so hwa catch me, I started to follow Choi Jin hyuk in IG and still watching a lot of his kdrama … he really hook me. And started to like him.

  3. 이둘의 스토리를 배경으로 최진혁하고 이연희가 주인공을 했었으면…진짜 사극 탑 눈물애절한 드라마였을텐데..

  4. Now I realise Seunggi oppa helped me meet my top Fav oppas now hahaha. Watching this introduced me to Choi JinHyuk and till now my fav , while King2Hearts introduced me to Jo JungSeok and is currently my most fav hahahah i watched all his drama and movie🤭

  5. I am still watching this drama even though I had already finished it long time ago but still my heart pain…. By their parents love story… Watching during lockdown… just love it…❤️❤️❤️ From Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  6. 괴수[지리산 천년호 ]인걸 알게되었을때 나라도 그랬을거야 ㅠㅠ 마음이 나약한 여자니까

  7. Alright. I just finished Gu Family Book tonight, and I still can't get over with Wol Ryeong and Seo Hwa's love story.

    First of, Wol Ryeong's character was well played. From the actor Choi Jin Hyuk, it suits character. He's a natural actor and has a natural charm. When he's happy you will feel happy, when he's crying and hurting you will also feel his pain, when he turned into an evil spirit, you will feel the eerie vibes on him. That's how natural and excellent he portrayed the role.

    Second, Seo Hwa's acting is also excellent. Too bad that they changed the actress 20 years later ( I still don't understand why)

    My heart aches alot when Wol Ryeong was killed because of Seo Hwa then 20 years later she willingly died for him. I felt the true love when he lay with her for eternal rest. That was so touching.

    Overall, Wol Ryeong and Seo Hwa's story overshadowed the main one. The feels are so real.

    P.S Wol Ryeong is the coolest character in the story. I watched Gu Family Book bcos of Lee Seung Gi, but Wol Ryeong's character snatched my wig 😍

  8. everytime i watched joeson era drama…. now i dont even want to watch any drama related to kingdom era… my heart was torn aparat when i watched scarlet heart,i tho that this drama will have a good ending, and it just make my heart hurt more.. WHYY????


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