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  1. Hight Top says

    Rip juice world 😥

  2. YouTube elf says

    i was lowkey hiting the seem dances as you

  3. Hobart Williams says

    Wavy I watch you the most like everyday

  4. Jamell Myers says


  5. Taylor Willis says

    I’m having girl auditions 😹😹😹😹

  6. Sherry Knowles says

    Ya'll so funny OMG Ya'll my best YOUTUBE keep making videos

  7. I’m Jay says

    What’s up

  8. sheyyrot says


  9. SBGDILL says

    Juice world is dead dude

  10. Patricia Dawson says


  11. Robbie Anderson says

    Why u got green and pink purple case

  12. roblox fam gang says

    Just like the song he should sing throw that a* back and let me see you do a split on god

  13. Lucille Lebròn says

    Real crissy vibes on dis shit

  14. Please Please subscribe says

    My country is probably in his armpit

  15. Cequeta Lang says


  16. Life with Khari Wallace says

    Ayyy y’all video always make me laugh rich family for life

  17. 4kt.liyahhh !!! says

    intro song?

  18. itz tyrone says

    1.27 song?

  19. cnya toussaint says

    That smack sound hard

  20. Jocelyn Valderrama says

    00:43 xavi dance made me laugh

  21. hewasmyeverything1 says


  22. Antwanasia Robinson says

    What was the last song ‼️

  23. Isis Metoyer says

    Rip juice world!!! I remember when this video came out and I was gettin lit too it now it’s sad!!

  24. It's Kenny says

    Whats that migos song?

  25. itz tyrone says

    Y'all know the names of any of the songs

  26. Dj REE3E says

    I. Like your videos

  27. J_L Klap says

    Why ur girl look like a thick FKA Twigs

  28. cooper solyk says

    her ass is thick AF

  29. Jazelle McNeal says

    5:33 had me dead 💀💀

  30. Kelsey Kel says

    The beginning is really how I be when babe play his playlist. He be so hype lol

  31. Jarvis Ray says

    @ 2:41 what is that song called cause I forgot

  32. Jahmel's World says

    3:52 funny

  33. Rashida Alexander says

    I saw every flag on there except Trinidad and Tobago

  34. Marian Goins says

    My favorite video of them.😭

  35. Demetrius Bradley says

    How she is reminds me of how chrissy was worth domo…. Bored ass fuck while he hype… Im just sayin

  36. simone powys says

    🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦my flag be there niqqa

  37. Æłîßhæ X says

    Anyone here after they broke up

  38. Zelvina says

    song at 1:29 ?????

  39. Life with Deborah says

    Its so sad y'all broke up

  40. SKT_ Tyshun says

    So many copyrights

  41. Simply Erin says

    New subbie

  42. Katlyn Cannady says

    How do you feel about vannessa new girlfriend and are y’all still in love

  43. Faith Howard says


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