NEW BEST COC TH8 War Base 2019 with REPLAY !! Anti 2 & 3 Stars TH8 Base – Clash of Clans


NEW BEST COC TH8 War Base 2019 with REPLAY !! Anti 2 & 3 Stars TH8 Base – Clash of Clans

Hey guys, we are here to share a new TH8 War Base Layout. You can use this base layout for trophy pushing as well. All the important defensive buildings are place near the Town Hall, so that both Air attacking strategy and ground attacking strategy cannot 3 star this base.

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Outro song: Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo – Passion [NCS Release]


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About Game

Clash of Clans is an addictive multi-player game which consists of fast paced action combat. Build and lead your personalized armies through enemy bases taking gold, elixir and trophy’s to master the game and become a legend. Up-rise through the realms and join a clan to reign supreme above all others.

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Initial release date: August 2, 2012
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Genre: Strategy Video Game.
Platforms: Android, iOS.
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  1. Ariqa Khalid says

    Okay so honestly speaking here, this is litrally the best base i have had ever come across. I tried many layouts but they were of no use. Since i made this base, i gained many trophies and no one up till now have at least one star this base. The highest score was 47%

  2. 2 Stupid Teens says

    This is genuinely a good base for war and trophy pushing, here's the LINK BTW:

  3. 4 ZERO says

    I just need atleast one base layout that has a F ing copy link

  4. Kosausrk says

    Clash Of Clans link for anyone watching in 2020

  5. Jake Benn says

    What about replays for dragon or pekka attacks? Surely pekka would be well due to the open compartments.

  6. Smoky Bacon says

    Pretty good base, but sucks against GoVaHo

  7. Edwin Roy says

    Sombody answer me.
    I have 2 questions whit this base.
    1. what is the best cc combo for this base.
    2. does it make a big difrence if you dont have dubel canon and the lower archer Tower.

  8. Ash says


  9. Jhaye Maldonado says

    Link pls

  10. Linus Bam says

    Is there a base link???

  11. Paul Li says

    How about max dragons to tank with max balloons and rage with heal? I am not sure if this base can withstand a dragon raid. Since the balloon raids don't have a tank to take in the damage.

  12. Steven Soliman says

    Can u do th4 on war base

  13. Rye says

    Is there a link

  14. -Exotic- Z says

    I mean its good for th 8 attackers but some th 9’s can 3 star it

  15. Aidan Bise says

    Give me the link

  16. Gamle youtube kanal says

    Anti 2 star and then the last replay is a 2 star lol

  17. Mackay Minter says

    Anyone got a link

  18. Nipple Fish says


  19. Chris Munoz says

    Lmao my dumbass kept trying to zoom in and out

  20. Efe Talat Baydar says

    can u post link

  21. PhantomGaming says

    GoVaHo: hold my beer basy

  22. Creative Cat says

    not an anti 2 star 9:57

    archer queen was able to get the town hall but if they don't have an archer queen then they will only get one star…….. based on what I've seen

  23. Hector Llamas says

    Update on this base: it’s been pretty solid but it’s most definitely weak against dragloon. Got 3 starred rather easily and the guy has most of his dragons still left

  24. Herrera Cruz says


  25. Mohd Anafsyah says

    Where is the copy link????

  26. Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease says

    bro your base actually works. the other th8 farming/trophy base you did where you covered the townhall and cc rockets inside two layers of walls is my fav. the best is from a th9 with pekka and valk and got 84% one star…. although i get constantly attacked by th9 i get only -7 or 8 which is just awesome!

  27. 100 Subs says

    Can you tell me the link please?

  28. Hector Llamas says

    I have to say, this is honestly a good base and I can’t say that for most war bases. I just sent a challenge in my clan and the person who attacked me was a th9 with good troops with lvl 13 BK and 15 AQ. He did 97% but it’s 2 stars. Very impressive indeed. My defenses are for the most part max but not all. So it can definitely get the job done

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