NEW BEST TH8 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2019!! COC Town Hall 8 (TH8) Trophy Base Design – Clash of Clans


This is a Town Hall 8 (Th8) Hybrid/Trophy [Loot Protection] Base 2019 Design/Layout/Defence. It defends really well against a lot of different Attack Strategies at TH8 Including Giant Healer, GiWi (Giants & Wizards) as well. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Clash of Clans Bases, Attack Strategies.

Copy this base here:-

Music Used:-

Invisible by Declan DP
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Welcome To The Future by Vendredi
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Oracle by Peyruis
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  1. Dark BarBarian - Clash Of Clans says

    Guys copy this base here:-

  2. Dinesh Kumar says

    Bro do the th5 attack strategy

  3. vSplxshFN says


  4. LegendZzFTW says

    This base is actually really good. Best base for th8 for sure

  5. Shko Gamer says

    It is not very good and the dark elixir storage is very important

  6. Delta _ says

    63 dragons can beat this base

  7. majd saqqa says

    Man I'm Townhall 8 With Crystal League All Attacks I Receive Are From Townhall 9 And Townhall 10 Morons…….

  8. Uki J says

    7:02 Red builder hut

  9. Vb VS Sb says


  10. John Sherrit says

    Spam link debt open

  11. Cesar man says

    please do th10 really need it i am losing trophies 🙁

  12. EntityOR says

    I’m not copying the base I enjoy building it with the tutorial

  13. Michael Ignacio says

    Thank you

  14. Hector Llamas says

    The base looks nice but the air defense placement is just awful

  15. Genevieve Williams says

    i dont have enough walls to finish it im at max amount walls

  16. Genevieve Williams says


  17. Melted Shock Wave says

    for next time dont do zig zags with the walls its super hard to build and really frustating

  18. wajok Bill says

    this base is really good for wars too

  19. UnKnøwn_Ørîgîn says

    Omg bro how do you always have maxed items or like a completed base?

  20. Abhijith Ragesh says

    I use it my defense won in cwl

  21. KHALIEF YT says

    Is skeleton trap air or ground

  22. §NGM•GamingS says

    I very like your base😙

  23. Aaron Wiencek says

    I didn’t have enough walls I must’ve done something wrong

  24. Rigan The Gammer boy says

    It says can't open this

  25. oof says

    1# base for th8

  26. Rigan The Gammer boy says

    Which clan you are? Or your profile tag?

  27. Rigan The Gammer boy says

    Dark barbarian is there any th8 strategy like you made for th7?

  28. imemix says

    The copying base feature is not working 🤦‍♂️

  29. Rey Jr says

    6:01 Screenshot

  30. Jamell Rios says

    Am i doing something wrong because i need 2 more walls

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