New Skins Dark / Cosmic Lux, RPG Twitch Taric Talon, Dark Star Malphite Xerath (League of Legends)


New Skins Dark Cosmic Lux / Cosmic Lux, RPG Twitch Taric Talon, Dark Star Malphite Xerath League of Legends

00:04 Cosmic Lux Legendary Skin Spotlight – 1820 RP
03:12 Dark Cosmic Lux Legendary Skin Spotlight – 1820 RP
06:23 Twitch Shadowfoot Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
08:19 Taric Luminshield Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
10:14 Talon Blackwood Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
12:04 Dark Star Malphite Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
13:41 Dark Star Xerath Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP

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  1. I NIGHTCORE [い ないこあ] says

    like for dark cosmic lux
    Comment for cosmic lux

  2. god is jihyo says

    the lux skin literally obsessed with the results

  3. pp zuc says

    So a rat gets a skin but i dont?

  4. Toko1945대니진 says

    But nonetheless I love your videos, the set up and you are way superior to SkinSpoights.

  5. Toko1945대니진 says

    And there was so much potential in her E, but for some reason they didnt make it look like a black hole or galaxy warp….

  6. Toko1945대니진 says

    Lux should have looked more evil.

  7. Rafael C. C. says

    Dark Star is one of my favourite skin lines, but the cosmic Lux is awesome. All the other Dark Star are spectacular. The RPG skins are nice too.

  8. Rafael C. C. says

    This year is being awesome!!!

  9. grin chi says

    Lux skin is awesome but this malphite skin is a joke 😂

  10. Boussim Iglesias says

    Riots newer skins are so underwhelming tbh 💔

  11. Jakub Bendík says

    This Taric 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    But this lux is omg😱

  12. Philip Stathas says

    Where the hell is my boy Morde?

  13. HIẾU MINH says

    Dark Mordekaiser

  14. Roniimaru • 浪人 says

    Lux playing beat saber 😳

  15. LolDuckie says

    First comment

  16. Xiao_Yas says

    Watashi wa saishodesu

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