New Top 5 Best Deck in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in Legendary Arena 13. Best Giant Deck in Clash Royale, Best Pekka Deck in Clash Royale, Best Lava Hound Deck in Clash Royale, Best Miner Deck in Clash Royale, Best Wall Breaker Deck in Clash Royale.

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  1. Copy this deck fools graveyard baby dragon skeleton army zap night witch poison archers pekka deck 2 golem night witch sparky bomber nado rocket mega minion baby dragon Deck 3 hog rider mortar earthquake skeletons musketeer valkyrie giant snowball bats deck 4 graveyard baby dragon knight bomb tower nado poison ice wizard barbarian barrel deck 5 bandit ram rider inferno dragon lumberjack arrows mega knight giant skeleton sparky best decks it works so good for me

  2. Deck 3 will be unstoppable just switch the giant into royal giant, that deck push me to league 3, so thankyou clashwithshane for your ideas???

  3. Guys try this deck it made me push really high

    Mega knight
    ? ball
    Hog Rider
    Electric wiz
    Regular wiz
    And fire spirit

    Try it for yourself ?

  4. I'm curious if night witch goes back to golem only after the nerf and most golem players use it because its maxed.

  5. I think the new lighting makes you look a little bit older, but that's just my personal view! 😮 The content as always perfecto tho!

  6. Join my new clan R STARZ II it's a fresh new clan for the new year really trying to get 10 members to start out active and competitive members plz join R Starz II

  7. Can you play royale giant, miner, freeze, zap, barbarian barrel, bomb tower, ice wizard and skeletons. It is working so good for me (im level 10)

  8. Try a deck that win almost always:electro wizard, mega knight, arrows, sparky, inferno tower, skeleton army, luberjack and balloon it works 100%

  9. despite the fact that I have been playing since the beginning of this game and wasting a considerable amount of money for this game, I still can't play any of the above deck's ?‍♂️


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