Best Deck in Clash Royale Legendary Arena 13 2020 for Trophy Pushing on Ladder. Best Hog Rider Deck, Best Mega Knight Deck, Best Graveyard Deck, Best Miner Deck, Best Wall Breakers Deck, Best Mini Pekka Deck, Best Royal Hogs Deck, Best Elixir Golem Deck, Best Magic Archer Deck, and the Best Battle Healer Deck in Clash Royale. Top 5 Strongest Decks in Clash Royale.

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📲 Clash Royale Deck Links:

Deck 1 – Hog Cycle[2:34] –
Deck 2 – Splash Yard [6:40] –
Deck 3 – Mega Knight Miner [11:05] –
Deck 4 – Royal Hogs [14:49] –
Deck 5 – Elixir Golem [18:15] –

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  1. CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale says

    Let me know which deck you think is the strongest in the meta right now! 📲 Clash Royale Deck Links:

    Deck 1 – Hog Cycle[2:34] – https://t.co/RrMTd4cOZz?amp=1

    Deck 2 – Splash Yard [6:40] – https://t.co/xdryozdqtj?amp=1

    Deck 3 – Mega Knight Miner [11:05] – https://t.co/ECrTZJ3SEe?amp=1

    Deck 4 – Royal Hogs [14:49] – https://t.co/vuqQdr7GP9?amp=1

    Deck 5 – Elixir Golem [18:15] – https://t.co/90i2gEEjxF?amp=1

  2. Jeremiah Jobin says

    I really liked the second one because the healer kept one healing everything!!

  3. ronald ronald says


  4. Charlie Roberts says

    Instead of hog rider what about ram rider? Which one?

  5. Krazy Klasher says

    I want to see ur battles how can do that ….tell ur Facebook id😅

  6. Neon Lightz says

    I can totally understand this guy. But he seems so damn excited or nervous cause he’s talking way to damn fast I can hear him choking on some words lol great video though thank you!

  7. Mom Gay says

    I pushed to 5000 from 4500 using the mega knight miner deck. But I swapped the wall breakers for bats and the goblin gang for knight

  8. jose miss says

    Dog shit

  9. Soufien Bey says

    Bro have u ever seen that bright round bright thing in the sky out side?

  10. Ed Boxall says

    Is there a good sub for electro wizard in mega miner because i dont have him.Thankyou.

  11. Ray says

    Ram rider, hog rider, arrows, bandit, magic archer, balloon, baby dragon and bats…. probably my favourite deck, I win 9 times out of 10

  12. Obseeded Carnage says

    I don’t have the legendary log card, with what card i can substitute it for ?

  13. Joey Michels says

    What can you replace for miner

  14. Angry Wally says

    l love the Royale hog deck it is very good

  15. Lucius Neely says

    I tried the first deck, but j in got clapped by a golom and a mini pekka

  16. Lord Squeeb says

    Pro tip, watch the video muted, it' glorious

  17. Phirip J. Fly says

    This video is hilarious, someone who doesn't know the cards will be very confused.

  18. Cerise Cifuentes says

    Can’t wait to test the number 1

  19. Duncan Dietrick says

    Elixir golem deck reeks!

  20. eren’s Adventures says

    5th deck dasnt work idiot

  21. Tyler Naylor says

    Take out skeletons earth quake spell and mini pekka and replace with princess pekka and witch

  22. Nof McGoff says

    Used Hog cycle straight after watching this….lost three times in a row. I'll stick with my own decks thanks.

  23. Harr ison says

    Ur rlly annoying but it is what is and that is just my opinion lol

  24. Storm Larry says

    i cant win with any of these decks, yet i win with my really bad decks
    i think maybe because im so used to bad decks and no strategy and just relying on luck
    Edit: also how tf do i deal with people spamming mega knight and inferno dragon ugh its so frustrating

  25. Gracu says

    P2W deck

  26. Danny’s food review ! says

    Is grace yard still good

  27. Joshua Penner says

    What's his trophy count?

  28. Roy Dexter says


  29. liserchic says

    why this dude talks like ricegum or jacke paul

  30. Phil B says

    How are you suspossed to defend a lavahound With the First Deck

  31. StaTic Sushi says

    I used hog deck it was badd

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