*NEW* Top Tier Jungler | New Wukong Rework Ultimate Jungle Guide – League of Legends


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Time Stamps
0:00 – 3:43 INTRO
3:43 – 7:07 RUNES
7:07 – 10:52 ITEMS
10:52 – 15:07 HOW TO CLEAR CAMPS
15:07 – 25:08 PATHING
25:08 – 27:27 HOW TO GANK

Lunar Revel 2016 | Login Screen – League of Legends

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  1. when kiting camps arent you ment to aa 3 times then step back, that way you are getting 3 aa's to every 2 red buff aa's and that way you also dont kite the camp too fast resulting in either having to stand still, kite back the other way, or the buff resets

  2. Actually, I don’t like the double knock up, I like to instantly knock up people for 1.5 seconds rather than knock up the first tome for 0.75 seconds then wait for 0.5 seconds to knock up 0.75 seconds again

  3. this is basically the best thing i seen on YouTube since i started playing Wukong thanx alot man appreciate ur effort

  4. Waddup man, found it very informative, I’m looking to switch my main over from Yasuo to Wukong, this is really helping me

  5. Is it red smite or blue smite in this build? I've always played with blue but is it still necessary with the E and W already?

  6. u can the the rivers of the path u didshow to go bot lane (Bleu gromp red ) and u go ganl bot tho tits not efficient to do it otherwise tho now any path is good for him cuz his new pasive and w he can even do full clear ( red rocks raptors wolfs bleu and gromp ) full hp .
    any way tnx for the vid [ `3`]

  7. In your last video you also have a heal kong runes.
    https://youtu.be/vLYvVWK2t7g?t=570 vs this one https://youtu.be/UmJZiDGYsRY?t=364 ?
    btw … tested yesterday heal kong runes in jg and win all my matches. low elo.

  8. Lutzburgs rework was so much better, this rework is bad and broken. Worthless morons just complain because they want a 0 skill broken champion.

  9. You just gained a sub bro love your content. I’m interested in starting to play Wukong top so I’ve been watching a few vids!

  10. Hey man I just want to say thanks I learned a lot from watching your gameplay and guides about how to win lane as wukong 🙂


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