*New* Wukong Rework Is Actually INSANE! Clones Can Now ATTACK? – Reworked Wukong Gameplay | LoL


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*New* Wukong Rework Is Actually INSANE! Clones Now Attack – Reworked Wukong Gameplay | LoL

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  1. Redmercy says


  2. no says

    dota 2 pepelaugh

  3. mp question beat says


  4. Robert Matthews says

    i hope he can jungle! his level 6 ganks would be insane

  5. Nedeljko Jenjic says

    When uš update even coming out

  6. Bizarre Johnny Z says

    11:30 Redmercy: If you're a wukong player, I think you would be happy
    Me: I'm not happy because it's removed in the PBE

  7. Fiassi says

    you can tell he doesnt play wukong at all.

  8. sweetchaos Fox says

    omg about time they made him alot better now, cause he was such a low tier champion pick

  9. Flavio Martínez says

    3:11 = " 😀 awesome, he scaped"
    3:12 Redmercy moves back for no reason
    3:13 Me = Skipped video

  10. Jack Lau says

    Riot refused to release this rework because it was a little too balanced compared to the rest of their reworks :^)

  11. Leonlegend Wang says

    i main wukong and i lovee this champ sooo much, im so happy he got a mini rework which mean that he is back in the game … but ,im sure that super cell is going to nerf him after words …

    and more people is going to start to play him too which is what i hate .

  12. baycan gunes says

    the weapon that heals 15 % of dmg dealt comined with the new q and maybe ravounus hunter and taste of blood is instant heall gg . got some id's with shojin and deathsdance :O

  13. FreekyPower says

    So when does it come to live server ?

  14. johny _k says

    so this is in live servers?

  15. YumaIsMyDad says

    why do popular league youtubers change the skill positions to do clickbait? I actually got a heart attack. (I main wukong btw)

  16. Just Some Depressed Uchiha says

    I love wukong rework next Vauban rework and wukong prime also got leaked.

    Wait a minute this ain't warframe

  17. Edvo E says

    So no more full lethality Q one shot wukong?

  18. Stance3D says

    Q is physical damage, does a portion of BONUS magic damage.

  19. Derek Herfst says

    WOW so I am not the only one who likes sheen wukong (trinity force)

  20. Kuba Nguyen says

    This new rework for wukong is actually so op(mainly the W in my opinion)

  21. Turtle Essence says

    Would have been cool if they made Wukong's E clone stick around for a little while after he uses it. They roam around and attack the nearest enemy for like half a second.

  22. Capnskurk says

    Wukong is already overpowered and he get's buffed ffs…

  23. Ngoc Linh Nguyen Kim says

    people like this fizz, must be eating a lot of chili pepper

  24. Zhenyu He says

    No more fake clone jukes ?
    Since clone attacks now.
    You have to attack enemy without moving to pretend to be a clone. Which is hard to do without moving.

  25. Luca Lucente says

    What da fuq are a "Qubolty" or an "Ebolty"? He keep saying that! Wukong new rework lack a "Doublolty" though…

  26. Ryan.p :D says

    Wrong video thought it was Warframe

  27. Gilxhon Toci says

    i would escape skarner going through the movement speed boost on top, instead of the bush.

  28. danny says

    On hit wukong is probably a thing now.

  29. Kwstas O trelos says

    Trinity-Guinsoo's-Spirit visage-Titanic-Gunblade+Boots or g.a & grasp of the undying you a Beassst

  30. Zerum says

    Wukong is basically assassin Jax now… Cool

  31. Jonathan Sappia says

    1:06, you hit 2 times the same Q … with the same CD , did anyone see that?, the first Q 1:04, the secound Q.. 1:06… wtf

  32. Md Nazmul Hossain Alif says

    I wish yi had similar changes if you know what I mean….

  33. opi safag says

    Mini rework, not a rework.

  34. Jio Crestfall says

    would be cool if wukong got a w<-q interaction where if u press q, while ur w clone is there it'd also do a q ability

  35. Nikola Kirichev says

    Riiiiiight through the counterstrike 👌🤣

  36. Rham says

    I wonder if Conqueror Wukong might be a thing with the rework.

  37. KibaThe GloriousUnicorn says

    whukong rework??? die sollen erstmal teemo rein bringen

  38. MattBG67 says

    We're back into the meta of cancerkong

  39. justin chavarria says

    Every league video title: “insane” “broken” “BEFOR ITS NERFED” Or “BUSTED GET OUT OF SILVER NOW!”

  40. Kyle Angelheart says

    You ever consider playing the game then voicing over it afterwards?

  41. Epic TCG says

    he's more of a duelist now but i dont think he can beat the current meta duelist lmao

  42. Coen Veenstra says

    Is this that wukong copy from mobile legends

  43. Pinoy Ako says

    Why my W dont atack?

  44. michael cardoso says

    The clone stack passive tho?

  45. Malex360 says

    Im suprised no one else mentioned that Red is using a smite Wukong potrait for a league Game.

  46. The Virtuoso says

    4:48 hashinshin intensifies

  47. MoneyCantPayThis Real says

    Is like zed mother fucked with a big monkey and here it is

  48. Crysta Williams says

    Loved that battle at the end when they get wrecked…

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