*New* Wukong Rework Is Actually INSANE! Clones Can Now ATTACK? – Reworked Wukong Gameplay | LoL


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*New* Wukong Rework Is Actually INSANE! Clones Now Attack – Reworked Wukong Gameplay | LoL

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  1. 11:30 Redmercy: If you're a wukong player, I think you would be happy
    Me: I'm not happy because it's removed in the PBE

  2. Riot refused to release this rework because it was a little too balanced compared to the rest of their reworks :^)

  3. i main wukong and i lovee this champ sooo much, im so happy he got a mini rework which mean that he is back in the game … but ,im sure that super cell is going to nerf him after words …

    and more people is going to start to play him too which is what i hate .

  4. the weapon that heals 15 % of dmg dealt comined with the new q and maybe ravounus hunter and taste of blood is instant heall gg . got some id's with shojin and deathsdance :O

  5. why do popular league youtubers change the skill positions to do clickbait? I actually got a heart attack. (I main wukong btw)

  6. I love wukong rework next Vauban rework and wukong prime also got leaked.

    Wait a minute this ain't warframe

  7. Would have been cool if they made Wukong's E clone stick around for a little while after he uses it. They roam around and attack the nearest enemy for like half a second.

  8. No more fake clone jukes ?
    Since clone attacks now.
    You have to attack enemy without moving to pretend to be a clone. Which is hard to do without moving.

  9. What da fuq are a "Qubolty" or an "Ebolty"? He keep saying that! Wukong new rework lack a "Doublolty" though…

  10. 1:06, you hit 2 times the same Q … with the same CD , did anyone see that?, the first Q 1:04, the secound Q.. 1:06… wtf

  11. would be cool if wukong got a w<-q interaction where if u press q, while ur w clone is there it'd also do a q ability

  12. Every league video title: “insane” “broken” “BEFOR ITS NERFED” Or “BUSTED GET OUT OF SILVER NOW!”


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