[No Cut] Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin Play Jenga [ENG SUB CC]


Just thought the chemistry between Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin was too good to be kept to ourselves. So here it is—yes, the FULL NO CUT VERSION of Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin answering questions while getting competitive over a game of Jenga. You’re welcome. ?

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  1. Hyun Bin: "Do not play Jenga with your close friends".
    WAIT did he just call Park Shin-hye a close friend? ? BFF SHIP♥

  2. If you came here to compare, then leave. Stop being so immature and wake up. If HB and YJ haven't confirmed their relationship then either they want to keep it private or they aren't even a thing. You guys' comments will make them feel uncomfortable with each other and ruin their chances. Stop being inconsiderate, immature, and absolutely delusional.

  3. Some fans are rude they like to comparing to insult others lol you are #childish you don’t even think the story of the dramas are different story & one more thing do you think when they pair they became in real couple in real life or even they become in relationship how long it is?So please respect others like I came here because I really Love the team up of #ParkShinHye & #HyunBin hope they will work again together ? & hope #MemoriesOfTheAlhambra season 2 please also ?? so please stop comparing & don’t involved the others if they are not in this video ??

  4. Lo siento pero ella no me parece buena actriz y tampoco es divertida,n veo quimica con sus compañeros actores!

  5. Here comes the toxic son ye jin and Hyun bin shippers…y’all can like a couple and not have to comment on every other work that they’ve been in trying to compare. I’m getting sick of toxic CLOY fans..please get over it. Just because you think they have perfect chemistry will not make them date. Didn’t Hyun Bin literally have to address the rumors 19292x ?? Clearly annoyed as hell, people are taking this way too far.

    Update: this is coming from me, a big Ha Ji Won fan (also a big ship with Hyun Bin through Secret Garden) but also love PSH through her different works and this drama is great!

  6. Can you guys stop comparing??? I came here to see people talk about Memories Of The Alhambra but instead I see CLOY and see people comparing Park Shin Hye to another one

  7. 15:50
    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW they literally have like telepathy for some seconds and slide to their right at THE SAME TIME ?!?! like tat was sooo cuter awww


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