North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is “alive and well”: South Korea


There has been speculation over Kim Jong Un’s health and whereabouts recently, but South Korea says he is “alive and well” and has been staying at a resort for the past two week. CNA’s Lim Yun Suk with more details.

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  1. I think young Kim is afraid of his life.. always surrounded by fear.. he is not brave like other dictator. I think soon his ruling tenure will be ended by his own people.

  2. I am happy for you I pray ?? you get better Kim we have problem we maybe hit by astoriad Exodus8:26 Egyhain Obamintion Revelation22:18changingwordinexodusforcrimeagainsthumankindspeciesihavetheDNAfusionnuclearthecontrollingrodchainreactioniaskforeveryoneihaveknowreasonhurtKa'ranpeopleilikeyourcarswellmadeyoucaraboutsaftyforyourGodirespectpleaserespectmindiwillingsharewillpeopleonearthimaster3godicanproveityouaskyourpeoplewhatwantseeandprayandyouwillseetruthMatthew13:11is Secret to kingdom heaven and the Lord prayer the Catholic had it but they choose to lie is to die in vain not good a bird brain Dinosaur ? ? out live us? Bullshit Exodus 20:12

  3. He is the dectator of korea , if he can dectate the nation he handled, then why he couldnt dectate his self to do something like make exercises to put him from fatty to fit..!!
    look at him he cant even bow easily during every ceremonies

  4. 'Suckazzzz!! Ya'll thought and wished I was dead didnt ya'll?' – Kim Jong … Glad he is alive.. He is pop star status like Trump, hate him or love him xD good for laughs

  5. I was almost sold on the idea by Western media that Kim was dead.. and started fantasising about his sisters ascension to power. Looking forward to rockets being fired into the Sea of Japan again. Welcome back Kim.

  6. South Korea should dismantle there boarder and walk away and see what happens as the North Wouldn't attack

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