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NYX Contour and Highlight Pro Palette is pretty new to Ireland The NYX contour and highlight palette is made up of two highlighter, two highlighting powders and four contour shade one that can be used for both contour and bronzing.

NYX Highlighter
Ice Queen I compared this to Rimmel 21 as it’s what I typically use for highlighting my pale skin
Soft Light
Cream I wish this had been the NYX banana powder it’s more buttercream then yellow banana
Nectar Peach and better for darker warm skin tone

NYX Contour
Sculpt Close to taupe

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Contour Palette

Hey, did you scroll down to see if this was sponsored? No its not as I said I bought this in ChChemist myself x

NYX Contour and Highlight Review

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  1. Mimi Meyers says

    It's 2019. You can get shades that made you use it every day.

  2. Gyah Tabo says

    Straight forward and simple, I absolutely loved this tutorial

  3. Ashley Lemire says

    Love this video do you have a tutorial for the eyeshadow look you're wearing?

  4. spotlight Queen says

    Thanxx for this video i have the same palette

  5. Anastasia Backlund says

    I would prefer this over anastasias Countour palette 100 times over and over again.

  6. laura 5SOS says

    thank you so much for this video! i just want to know if you can maybe use the contour shades as a bronzer too?? if anyone knows please help me out?

  7. Erica Lynn says

    I have the palettes, and I personally find the best use out of the yellow and the medium/dark brown because my skin is very yellow (if you couldn't tell) and it's very hard to find a shade that isn't too pink.

  8. apollo gogh says

    I love how short your videos are!!!

  9. Snow White says

    You could use a different brush for the highlight so it's stronger or wet the brush. I just bought the palette online and I hoooope They are not too orange on my skin (Im super pale)

  10. S.T says

    I bought this palette and really regret it!! The colours are so hard to blend! Don't buy it if you are a beginner in makeup like me lol.

  11. Reem Said says

    u suck at contouring..

  12. PreityBangz says

    I have this pallette and I just use it for contouring

  13. Oy! Dingle says

    Yaaaaas! just bought this yesterday! gonna do a review soon!

  14. Kristina Prinzivalli says

    What lipstick were you wearing? I loved it :)!!

  15. Ava Natasha says

    Can you make a video about the blank canvas cosmetics one?

  16. ryan stan says

    what is that accent?? Im loving it

  17. Sheen Arora says

    hii nice ..informative…i am a beginner. ..plz do a tutorial for bronzer highlighter contour shades for Indian warm skintone…

  18. Mehreen Khan says

    Which lipstick did u use in this video? Its gorgeous!!

  19. Anuska Caneda says

    Hi! I've found this video very useful, thank u. I'd also like to know your opinion on the nyx butt naked turn the other cheek pallete and it would be great if you could do a tutorial. Thank you very much.

  20. apoc says

    i have it and i love it and that says a lot because i only use high end, when i say high end i mean estee lauder, dior and chanel mainly chanel <3 my skin has never liked drugstore products and throughout my life i've tried many since i was about 10 years old. but this nyx contour and highlight is cheap and so far the best i've used. i fell into the hype for anastasia contour/highlight palettes which are 60$ each here at sephora in canada.. about 50-60$ and i bought both powder and cream.. i regret it… lol.. the cream especially.. so awful.. and they're too warm for contour colors…. the powder kit i may still use.. but i find myself going for my nyx palette only now. that's just my opinion though.

  21. bv says


  22. LiveforLove says

    Just when I thought I was sophisticated enough for buying a contour palette…. There is so much more that goes into it! I have no idea what I am doing. haha

  23. ipolani kuikahi says

    I love you so much I always watch your video. pls come to Hawaii. 😘

  24. Umama khan says

    Can u do a tutorial which u hve done in this video

  25. avryrarejewel says

    In some stores they have the refills as this is a refillable palette. They have more shades than these to build your customizable perfect contour palette! I bought 2 of each of my favorite highlight and contour and I love it!! This is perfect for beginners

  26. Morganatic says

    i have this palette and i love it!

  27. Amy Liu says

    Does anyone know how much this is in au dollars

  28. doo chow says

    I do have the palette and use it regularly. The yellow shade mixed with the pale shade is nice under the eyes. I use the "taupe" color contour in a 3 shape on each side of my face. It honestly looks like a nice soft bronzer on me personally. I am more pale than you. My favorite it the white highlight. I have not found another highlight that shows up well on me. Sephora suggested Becca Pearl to me but I found this Nyx one more intense. Thanks for the review. Btw my lid has broken off so very good point on the lid. I have had mine a year.

  29. Nicole Alexandra xo says

    I've wanting to buy this palette for a while. Your review was super helpful 🙂 xx

  30. S1mple says

    I got this palette today and I love it! also this video is gonna help me

  31. Alejandra Gallego says

    PLEASE make a video reacting to PETA (people ethical treatment of animals) YouTube channel please 😣

  32. Sophie Formanek says

    oh and can you pls do a spring makeup routine? <3 🙂

  33. Sophie Formanek says

    You have helped me so much! Thank you and you are awesome , glad that i found you! <3

  34. Gabrielle says

    what lashes are you wearing here sinead? 🙂

  35. effortlessbeautybar says

    sooo pretty. if you ever create your own cosmetics brand I will buy them.

  36. Bella Murray says

    Where u from

  37. Hadi Abbas says


  38. Elise Roberts says

    I've had this pallet since Christmas and I love it I mix the yellow powder and the white power to set under my eyes and it works really well. And I love all the contour shades. Great video ❤️

  39. Gina R says

    Cool video! Please do more review videos! Love them!

  40. Milica P says

    is it rimmel 12 or 21? I bough 12 q-jump and it's perfect for my fair skin, I thought this is the shade you have

  41. pohalmegha says


  42. Amy says

    WHAT FOUNDATION DID YOU USE? Your skin looks amazing!

  43. Amina R says

    i have it…. and love it!

  44. Celina McGee says

    I really appreciate how 'to the point' your videos are. They are the perfect length and very informative 🙂

  45. Jefe & Kristina says

    I saw this in the store today, this video really helped me decided. Thanks !!

  46. Aura says

    Perfect timing! I literally just picked this up today because of an Emily Noel video so this was a great watch before I start to play with the palette. 🙂

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