Hey! So since I have already done a budget cream contour video, I also thought I would do a powder one. I personally like to contour with powders over creams, because I feel like that looks the most natural on my skin. What is your favourite way to contour? 🙂

Anywho, this palette is EVERYTHING! I never thought I would love it this much. It blends like a dream and the colors are fabulous. The matte highlight shades were perfect to brighten up the under eye area and the shimmery shades highlighted and illuminated my skin beautifully. Ah, it’s perfect!

Get it HERE:


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My filming equipment:
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2 Soft Boxes
Small Ring Light


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  1. claudine tanios says


  2. Anchor Priya Chhabra says

    Thanks soo much for sharing😊

  3. Gerbil On A Skateboard says


  4. Usha Verma says

    What is palette shed ….light ,medium,dark?

  5. Mb Bb says

    Wtf is this contouring

  6. Mary Rush says

    0:59 “make sure you blend it out” sis, you didn’t😂

  7. gita kumar says

    U need to blend it properly though I see the positive side of nyx pallet

  8. Miss Foxx says

    work on blending and not using so much product <3

  9. Sahar Afzali says

    Bende var çok güzel ya Indirim de 91 tl aldim

  10. Nurse956 says

    Seriousely it doesnt looks nice. I dont know but something is not right with ur contouring skills.

  11. chico rebel says

    Hi here is one of the best Highlight and contour palette you will love https://amzn.to/2UlQzff

  12. nemophilist says

    okay… you're so beautiful. help me.

  13. Lawri says

    It would have been very helpful if you said the names of the colors you were using, instead of just "this and this color."

  14. Bellx Br says

    You look so unblended lol

  15. Duvierica Schneiter says

    Karaline you look beautiful with and without makeup, thank you for this tutorial i will be using this product for the first time. I'm a medium skin tone, and I also have ipsy NYX I have no clue yet how to use it so any recomendations? Thanks DS

  16. sonia idgaf says

    again one of these stupid videos with the loud music at the beginning where you almost get a heart attack if you have headphones on and in the rest of the video the person whispers so you can barely hear what she is saying -.- how about you learn how to edit a video first before you upload it

  17. Linda Mamba says

    I don‘t like your contour

  18. Jo says

    I think she could only pull off this palette if she were already tanned

  19. Shahad Al says

    I want her instagram

  20. Elena Jaku says

    tu Lietuve?

  21. ava paisley says

    Thank you for the review 💕

  22. Berlyn ward says

    That was great so informative!! 🔥

  23. abrar mk says

    This is the best video till now! ❤ I did it and it looks gorgeous and professional thank you so much 😘

  24. Holly Hai says

    You kinda look like ivy latimer

  25. zzz zzz says

    Perfect face

  26. Genavieve C says

    Can you tell me the name of the brush you were using at 3:06 ? Thanks !!

  27. Taehyung’s NoseFreckle says

    really helpful

  28. Parnit Kaur says


    …….nah i can't see that, problem?

  29. Parnit Kaur says

    I think it is wrong colour, you have the yellow ish type of skin and therefore you should use a more orange ish type of contour. Sorry, tryin' not 2 be rude but, looks quite muddy and grose

  30. Kay A says

    I'm sorry if this comes across as rude but this really annoys me especially as a women of colour who has to run around town to purchase a contour kit in a drug store (pretty much impossible). I pretty much have always used the sleek contour palette in dark but i can only ever find it in afro hair shops so I was soo excited to see a nyx counter in boots but of course every dark shade or palette was gone except this one. There was nothing dark left, not just palettes I mean anything I could possibly use to contour with. I finally just ended up buying this pallet which I felt would be a waste because all I needed was the darkest shade. I'm glad I got it an everything but what upsets me is that much lighter skin tones are purchasing these tones when there are a variations of shades and techniques available to them such as using bronzer to contour for example and looks gorgeous on lighter skins. This is a good video but the colours were way too dark for her. It's frustrating trying to find affordable makeup for dark skin to contour with. I legit see women with the palest skin wearing contours that are my skin town and I'm a black women. I just don't understand especially when it's just for personal use. I guess social media has alot to do with this an everyday people don't realise that you don't need to exaggerate colour or features in real life.

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