Nyx Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Kit Review & Demo


Nyx Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Kit Review & Demo! Please Note this video was filmed before they launched new shades and added names. The packaging didn’t have the names when I bought mine. Everything was released after this video was posted.
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Nyx Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Kit

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I just wanted to share what I personally liked and didn’t like about this palette. I am unsure if this is a dupe for the Anastasia contour Kit or the Kat Von D Contour Palette. I do not own any of them. I can only tell you about this palette at this time.
I used more product for demonstration purposes, I don’t normally use a lot for contour and highlighting anymore.

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  1. Potanta says

    i got mine for only 53 cents at CVS yesterday due to the numerous coupons CVS gives when you go to the coupon printer.


    I'm so late lol just got mine yesterday from ulta. $15 I think

  3. Claudia Okyere-Fosu says

    Thanks, so helpful 🙂

  4. Julia Sescon says

    This is a powder palette right?

  5. Gabriela V says

    Omg you're so beautiful!😍😍

  6. Manar says

    You’re so pretty 😻

  7. Jess W says

    Best straightforward NYX contour palette video. Thanks girl

  8. Mimi M-va says

    your so beautiful <3

  9. Dameli Tastanbekova says

    You look like Pocahontas ✨

  10. Sarah C says

    Your demo is too fast, and you keep turning the palette different ways which is confusing. But thank you for the tips! And yes you do look fab

  11. Janifer Lamborn says

    What brushes do you use for this?

  12. Sol Ruvalcaba says

    What is the name of the double sided brush that you used to apply the contour shades? Thanks <3

  13. Ysabelle O. says

    new subscriber! (: i bought the pallete yesterday and i looove it LOL

  14. Kailee Ruddy says

    Names r on bottom

  15. Ashleigh Lyte says

    names are legit on the back love.

  16. Tammy whiting says

    What brush did you use ?

  17. Natasha De Vries says

    love this review was considering this purchase. Will definitely after watching this.

  18. Angela Nicole says

    what brush are you using in these videos?

  19. soumya pati says

    can I take it with me while travelling?

  20. jeannie alequin says

    this palette works great with your skin tone! I love it

  21. Alison Carson says

    Wow, super helpful 😊 and u are GORGEOUS 😊 gonna pick up this palette.. Thank you.

  22. Azusa Oga says

    First contour color you used which you said cool toned, looks rather red/ warm toned-ish in the video but is it really cool toned?

  23. Blank Account says

    I find the NYX cream contour kit weird because a lot of the highlight shades match my skin tone. I don't even think I'm that light.

  24. Bria Barrows says

    great review boo

  25. Bria Barrows says

    i hate it tbh. i don't think it's worth it

  26. Aimee-Jade Exley says

    Best review of any make up item I've seen !! Not to long, demo, explained everything and pros and cons. Love it ❤️ please do more x

  27. Kalei Lagunero says

    To everyone who was so kind and kept insisting the Nyx Contour kit has names, I've checked literally every single time someone has said there are names on the back. Mine only had it on the sleeve which goes in the trash. It's not on the palette itself. I wish it was! I purchased mine before they officially announced it so I'm thinking that is why. Also, the brush I used was from Borghese however, It broke…I don't recommend it! If you'd like to see another way to contour, checkout my current video here: https://youtu.be/oFgotOqjf7U

    Love yous! #AlphaBabeNation #AlphaBawse

  28. via says

    what brush did you use to contour??

  29. Zino says

    I just got this palette and this video really helped me out! Thank you!

  30. xoayah says

    your eye makeup in this was FLAWLESS girl, new subscriber!!

  31. BROCCOLIBOI says

    the do have names

  32. Hanna Brown says

    i just got mine two days ago , i love your tutorial ! by the way,i love when you replied to everyone comments , it show that you appreciate everybody! new subs! p/s : you so pretty

  33. Yazmine Vogler says

    Is this for cool undertones? I have light brown skin but cool toned and I was wondering if this would suit me

  34. Loidy Lais Ceballo says

    thanks for the video. it helps me a lot.

  35. Islame Hadui says

    They do have names sweety

  36. Cecelyn Sierra says

    There's names for the different shades on the back of the palette

  37. Rebecca Johnson says

    You look like Naya Rivera

  38. alina.bbyy says

    can u say what brushes u use

  39. Lil Petty says

    i am a girl with very light skin, could this palette still work for me? and if it could work what colour should i use for my cheek bones? (the darkest?)

  40. Miss lupita says

    im going to buy it if its still available

  41. Anita Pallenberg says

    Do you prefer powder or liquid highlight and contour? Do you think powder is better for women over 40? Thanks!

  42. Makenna Christie says

    I can't contour for the life of me. I still look like the moon emoji. Help. :')

  43. Elijah LEGO’s says

    the names are on the back of the pallet

  44. Megan A-S says

    the names of them are on the back of the palette 🙂

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