NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette vs. ULTA Contour Kit


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Hello, Glammies! Today I’m reviewing, demo-ing, and swatching the new NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, which is $25 at ULTA or the NYX website. I’m also comparing it to a product I recently reviewed and demonstrated: the ULTA Contour Kit. I figured that since it’s also a new contour kit to the drugstore (well, ULTA, anyway), I should do a little comparing to tell you which one I personally think is more worth it. Check out the ULTA Contour Kit review below. I do highlight and contour in this video, but I’m not showing you step-by-step how I do it, so I recommend watching my ULTA Contour Kit review where I show you how.

ULTA Contour Kit Review/Tutorial:

Find the palette here:
NYX website:

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La Bella Pink REVIEW:

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The makeup I’m wearing —

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  1. Had to subscribe just because of your voice lol you remind me of another youtuber i follow, Survival HT. Loved the review too, im medium skin toned so i think im going to get the ulta one instead. thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you for this honest and helpful video. I wish i had found this before watching so many others you are pale and the " cons" you made for each shade helped me decide straight away. I am pale and there doesn' t seem to be enough positive reasons for me to buy this after watching your video.
    I wanted it for the contour and banana shade and you helped me .
    Thank you .

  3. Hey Girl! Thanks for following me on twitter! xx Just checking out your Channel, love your makeup in this video! Just subscribed to your Channel, hope you can check mine out and we can connect! <3

  4. I have the ambient lighting palette and I don't recommend spending the $$$ on it .. I myself don't see all the hype about it and wish I didn't waste my $$! Xoxo you do a great job with reviews!

  5. Have you ever tried BH cosmetics contour pallet? I see a lot of good reviews on them but I don't want to risk buying it and not working haha. Your makeup looks flawless!


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