Odyssey Malphite Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Odyssey Malphite Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Malphite on their Odyssey Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Arek Kasz says

    1:13 – how i can no helemet?

  2. Nolan Annable says

    sit down bro. I'm gettin to masters next season with this skin

  3. jAtA says

    This or Mecha?

  4. Jesi Oni says

    Krogan Malphite?

  5. TReXcuRRy says

    Odissey > Mecha

  6. FoxFireTHN Game G.D.F says

    I wonder why Malphite have a Laser sword for those?

  7. Solitude4me says

    Mecha or oddysey witch is better place your bets people i wanna know ?!

  8. Rururmuh Chukulurm says

    ATTENTION ALL GAMERS! Odyssey Malphite is on 50% sale and his chromas are on essence emporium. So what are you waiting for? Whip out those credit cards from your parents wallets and get those juicy rp's

  9. can be anything says

    Nice countdown for his recall

  10. Fredric Marquez says

    Finally got it on sale ❤️

  11. HaoHai TV says

    At the end you show a malphite without the cuirass on the head spike and all the chromas have diffferent textures there too, but I see nowehre in game to get them. Do they exist or is it just an early design? I think it actually looks much better without the cuiras on the head, just skin.

  12. Akali says

    Happy Birthday big guy

  13. Ezzz says

    We hope reaction rework :v

  14. Felix Grimm says

    2:28 laaaaag

  15. MR KO says

    2:25 your video was glitching

  16. xHito Music says

    Still waiting for Ironside Malphite chromas.

  17. Lucas Argandoña says

    They should of made a yellow chroma instead of that green one

  18. Sah Vargas says

    must be hard having your head below you shoulders. ehehe.

  19. BonafideTrolldier says

    Holy shit malphite's kit is so old you can see the different in animation quality. Holy shit riot give our boy a reason to live.

  20. Luis Pastén says

    Rework mp?

  21. Chadd Campbell says

    Ok the chromas at the end, they should show the with passive armor as well for each…I have to look for another video to see the variants of armored.

  22. Tyo Lesmono says

    it will be good, if his e is fist the ground like landing animation on fortnite or realm royale. instead slaping the ground. just my opinion …

  23. mathew gomez says

    mecha is better imo

  24. Beybong Production YT says

    Hmmmm seeeeems famiilliaaaaa mecha malphite

  25. Rusty Shackleforth says

    Looks like a crap version of Mecha Malphite imo

  26. Gigas Law says

    Remember when Riot made pretty good skins, some on par with these, for 975rp? Or when they threw out some decent skins for 450rp? Pepperidge Farm remembers

  27. Project Naiad says


  28. G says

    Please give malphite a visual rework man. why is his face placed so low on his body. Sweet skin though :3

  29. heelFLiP249 says

    Anyone else reckon he looks better when his passive is broken? With the blue skin?

  30. Jeremy BrainfoodCG says

    Looks like Krogan from Mass Effect: Andromeda
    dat fight scene tho

  31. Jose MIjares says

    I think when malphite uses his E he punches the ground and makes the Riot Games Fist Bump.

  32. lil euf says

    he has ryze's beard

  33. Christopher Acron says

    A swole yondu

  34. kanenon says

    How does he leave a fist imprint with 4 fingers when my mans only has 3?

  35. Rg Tldro says

    Category 6 Kaiju confirmed

  36. Rg Tldro says

    That reccal is funny 😂😂😂

  37. The Big Game Theory says

    his design is stolen straight from gotg

  38. Bleu says

    This event is so good dude.

  39. h k says

    Will riot rework malphite??

  40. Elias Farah says

    I'm really disappointed alot of the new skins have more voicelines but they just added effects but no flavor to malphite.

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