Plants vs Zombies 2 Greatest Hits Epic Hack – Level 212 – Peas Be With You


Plants vs Zombies 2 : Neon Mixtape Tour – Greatest Hits!
Gameplay Walkthrough with Epic Cheats
Played by Eeky Weeky Game

First of all, I want to thank you all guys for standing with me as I work on my goal on helping my sick brother.. From nothing this channel has grown to more than 3000subscribers and I am looking forward for a bigger subs in the future as I continuously play pvz2.

Just unlocked Jack O’ Lantern for $ 6.99… That’s a heavy one…

Big props to our man mickeyb for hacking the Game.. for latest update please visit IOSGods..

and for other cooler ios hacks and other cools stuffs.. please don’t forget to check on iosgods..


Plants vs Zombies 2 iOS:

Plants vs Zombies 2 Android:

This recording is done during the Neon Mixtape Tour Era on which New Zombies available are:

1. Phat Beet
2. Celery Stalker
3. Thyme Warp
4. Electric Blueberry
5. Garlic
6. Spore-shroom
7. Intensive Carrot

During this time, the Zombies are as follows:
1. Neon Zombie
2. Neon Conehead
3. Neon Buckethead
4. Neon Flag Zombie
5. Punk Zombie
6. Glitter Zombie
7. MC Zom-B
8. Impunk
9. Hair Metal Gargantuar
10. Breakdancer Zombie
11. Arcade Zombie
12. 8-Bit Zombie
13. Boombox Zombie
14. Zombot Multi-stage Masher

and the Cheats?

How to Hack the pvz2? Follow my tutorial here..

I have created this channel primarily to raise fund for my brother who’s suffering from Kidney Organ Failure. I wish you could help our family with your small amount to somehow help us cover his dialysis as we give him a new life full of hope that one day he’ll be back to his old self again.
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Please watch: “Bags of Tricks – Captain Hack vs Friends – Plants vs Zombies Heroes”



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    i played this fireboy and watergirl on hudgames by my self i doned it XD let me say its not easy through

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    I watched this video as a child, in 2016, thanks for the nostalgia

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    Pea pod threepea repeater snow pea peashooter split pea fire peashooter all peas amazing wow all peas plants

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    you forgot the primal peshooter.

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    Почему Вы играете без скорости?!

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    I like the sound of giant zombie so cool

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    Imagine if a powered up torchwood is in front of the pea group

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    eres un pro en pvz 2

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    so epic and how your plants cost 0 sun tell please i am beging you

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    captain hack i have a question i do the hack of the diamonds and coins but how you do
    for plants cost 0 sun plz tell i wrhili need this!!!

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