Plants vs Zombies 2 Greatest Hits Epic Hack – Level 66 – Catching Plant Foods


Plants vs Zombies 2 : Neon Mixtape Tour – Greatest Hits!
Gameplay Walkthrough with Epic Cheats
Played by Eeky Weeky Game

Big props to our man mickeyb for hacking the Game.. for latest update please visit IOSGods..

and for other cooler ios hacks and other cools stuffs.. please don’t forget to check on iosgods..


Plants vs Zombies 2 iOS:

Plants vs Zombies 2 Android:

This recording is done during the Neon Mixtape Tour Era on which New Zombies available are:

1. Phat Beet
2. Celery Stalker
3. Thyme Warp
4. Electric Blueberry
5. Garlic
6. Spore-shroom
7. Intensive Carrot

During this time, the Zombies are as follows:
1. Neon Zombie
2. Neon Conehead
3. Neon Buckethead
4. Neon Flag Zombie
5. Punk Zombie
6. Glitter Zombie
7. MC Zom-B
8. Impunk
9. Hair Metal Gargantuar
10. Breakdancer Zombie
11. Arcade Zombie
12. 8-Bit Zombie
13. Boombox Zombie
14. Zombot Multi-stage Masher

and the Cheats?

How to Hack the pvz2? Follow my tutorial here..

Please watch: “Bags of Tricks – Captain Hack vs Friends – Plants vs Zombies Heroes”



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