Plants vs Zombies 2: Zoybean Pod Pvz 2 Level 1-5-10 : Gameplay 2019


Plants vs Zombies 2: Zoybean Pod Pvz 2 Level 1-5-10 : Gameplay 2019.


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Plants vs. Zombies 2 (previously Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time) is a tower defense game released by PopCap Games. This game is a sequel to the award-winning game Plants vs. Zombies. It was released for iOS devices on Thursday, August 15, 2013. In this version, the player battles new zombies in a time travel motif.

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More info about the game:
Plants vs Zombies 2
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: EA – Electronic Arts
Developer: PopCap Games

For those of you who don’t have the game.. please download the game below:



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  1. [•Ralsei•] says

    A wave of zombies are approaching!

    Zoybean:Oh yeah, you and what army?

  2. oscar noyola says

    Así de fácil y hackeado ni chiste si todo es al mismo precio

  3. Jose YT says

    7:53 calming asmr 🤤 volume up

  4. _ C r y p t i c _ says

    Quy Games: gets over 4x the score of the other people in the arena battles

    The other people: Da fuck dey doin over dere?

  5. khôi nguyên lê vũ says

    6:30 many huge waves of zombies are incoming
    Zombie: well shit

  6. Beans. com says


  7. Minecraft Boi7162 says

    Basically the better version of hypno shrom

  8. Francisco Correa says

    Dude I missed out on this plant 😭 I literally have Enchant-mint level 10.

    Zoybean: you missed out, better luck next time

  9. Funhow123 says

    I can’t hear anything with so many gigantaurs:.. it’s like everything is exploding around me

  10. NintendoNerd 64 says

    This is probably the coolest and most superior plant in the game

  11. black knight says

    Title says "zoybean lv 1,5,10" only shows lv 5 and 10

  12. Yeet Man says

    Final Wave!!

    Me: Wait… Which way again?

  13. Infinite says

    A huge wave of plants are coming!

  14. Angel Calvillo says

    Recomiendacion de YouTube

  15. Eru Danialor says


    the wave: 8:15

  16. Sangeeth S says

    I used zombies to destroy the zombies

  17. chester clinkx says

    peashooter + a zoy boi= i cant think of a name

  18. yosyoy says

    9:05 sweet mother mary have mercy on my ear drums

  19. The N Word says

    I use the zombies to destroy the zombies

  20. MC Architect says

    Everybody gangsta till the clone troopers start wakin in

  21. Charles Cunningham says

    8:07 my ears

  22. Dominick Morsell says

    The poor sap who just watched as his opponent quadrupled his score in seconds

  23. Polterghast The amalgamated soul says

    8:03 my ears

  24. Vaughn Murphy says


  25. Trần Nguyên Khang says

    However, the weakness of Zoybean pod is only Prospector zombie. You know what, Zoybean pod can grow Zomboids at the right not the left because Zomboids went to the left which means The Zombies ate your Brains

  26. russian says

    Zoybean garagntuars be like
    green giant string bean value pack buy 1 get one 1 free

  27. silverlyn raven says

    8:55 zom boss: why do I hear boss music

  28. SlenderMax The Gacha Slenderman says

    I though it can summon the root from pvz garden warfare 2 XD

  29. Wolf Games says

    Hay quá b ơi

  30. Ycaran Ytan says

    This thing seems to be powerful
    But when I purchased it wasn’t worth my money spent
    A giant zombie level 100 could destroy all the green giants in one smash

  31. Bich Nguyen says

    This is what we needed to win
    world war 2

  32. Some random person says

    Hypnoshroom: man I’m so unique

    Zoybean:man I’m a lot like hypno shroom but better

    Caulipower am I a joke to you?

  33. Angela Bailey says

    Ddcdxcdddddddddddddffffggtttrr3cffrf. sdesdeewsXssxSS

  34. Maraglai Duzac says

    crazy dave: i used the zombie to kill the zombie

  35. pablo rodriguez says


  36. ELGashong YT says

    Zombies: what is this? It's not attacking this is too easy

    Zoybean: yes

  37. Stefano Acosta says

    Estas enfermo brus wayne xdxd

  38. Mod plex STcial says

    📢Every guys Emergency message:
    please input youtube directly "stcial" please Donate channel📢

  39. yellowy chicky says

    Zomboss sees pod

    why do i hear boss music bish?

  40. I'm a retard, but says

    everybody gangsta till gargantuan zombies

  41. LUIGIPLAYERONE Green says

    I’m mad I didn’t get this plant now

  42. Mohamed Bin Halim says

    pvz : shoot a pea
    pvz 2: shoot a zombie

  43. super saga says

    8:10 gargantuar clone factory

  44. super saga says

    6:40 zombie clone factory

  45. Khiem Nguyen says

    I use zombies to destroy zombies

  46. Bolacha03 says

    8:00 earrape

  47. the boss says

    Como se llama la planta?

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