Pre-Release Teaser – Mecha Malphite Skin – League of Legends


Note: This is a 1350RP Skin and is currently MISSING its Voice Over, hence the short emote animations section!
Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate – NA):
This is a teaser!
Skin name is CONFIRMED as Mecha Malphite, particles & SFX may not be final.

Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. Vũ Nguyễn Hoàng says

    Real steal

  2. zorhis1996 says

    i dont like this skin … i dont liek the colours 

  3. Justin Van Buuren says

    Mecha or Glacial malp anyone?

  4. wissou77 says

    Metal gear ray

  5. Mitchell says

    imo this skin sucks

  6. Mahi Deniev says

    Transformers ^^

  7. JadeRabbit says

    good skin

  8. simplegenin says

    i would buy it but doesnt seem like ult or his q have any sounds. Ok graphics with a shitty sound.. His ult has no sound? wut the fuck

  9. SVD says

    This skin sucks…. riot you can make better!

  10. Christopher Ly says

    This is the ugliest Pacific Rim skin evahhh.

  11. Harry BIH says

    only think good here is recall…

  12. PapaBearJonez says

    The voice of Mecha Malphite is kinda the same as Bane from The batman movie

  13. Gero Ziegler says

    the lego man

  14. zsombi375 says

    pacific rim skin…. 😀

  15. Makise Kurisu says


  16. Arttu Paakkinen says

    Sounds like some of the sounds are not placed yet, really cool skin tho

  17. Hyrinmaru says

    Its from pacific rim!

  18. Liu GuanZhong says


  19. Konnomaki says

    More like pacific rim than transformers

  20. raven says

    i still like glacial more

  21. xXPuriFierXx says

    He looks like a jaeger

  22. Patrick Bateman says

    worst skin ever.

  23. matas danisas says

    Looks like a fucking lego tower

  24. xCopy xCat says

    Purple? really?Is he a char from an 8 bit game?

  25. bexsarsaurus8 says

    Hahaha sound so un-epic without the sound effects!

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