Prestige Dark Star Malphite Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Prestige Dark Star Malphite Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Malphite on their Prestige Dark Star Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Gabriel Farber says

    ye i dont like the skin too, but guys remember not dislike the video for the skin, SkinSpotlights is doing a good job for years showing us all skins!!

  2. cameron brown says

    I feel like I'm in the Minority here.

    I actually really like Prestige Malphite.

  3. Kukumbar Glicko says

    I expected a better design

  4. Brau Is a B*tch says


  5. Brandon Igrec says

    Skin looks dumb. Champ has very outdated visual and skin just looks like a yellow Dark Star skin, which ruins the entire look and feel of what makes Dark Star such an awesome skin line. MEH!

  6. Omar Baloz says

    do i need to get dark star malphite to get the prestige edition?

  7. Eiron Sherwin Martin says

    518 likes and dislikes haha

  8. 윤효기뿌잉 says

    Malphite needs visual rework asap

  9. huang qixuan says

    Golden Horizontal Axis Washer

  10. Roger Federer says

    Not even his dance move has been redone, nice skin on a nice champion !

  11. Lady Kurai says

    That head placement is so awkward

  12. Srđan Kovačević says

    shits pretty trash

  13. Lê Đạt Official says

    louis vuitton done 🙁

  14. öbcük lelik says

    why are you guys hitting dislike this channel is only showing you what riot makes

  15. ?? says

    wtf prestige morde gonna be a real lord, imagine golden nightfall… why this rock???

  16. Philippe P says

    I agree with all the visual update comment but think about it… As soon as he gets a visual update, the prestige skin will to, so it's not a complete loss for… Whenever that'll happen. But I'm expecting Malphite to get his rework with his visual update anyway, like nunu or any of the latest updates.

  17. Wal Rider says

    why so much hate on this skin? looks ok

  18. vetle daugbjerg says

    this looks so horrible LOL

  19. Drowning.World says

    The skin no one ask for

  20. Aura 448 says

    Why would you get this over td senna prestige?

  21. SS says

    not worth the price

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