Ranking ALL 17 Legendary Cards in Clash Royale (4 Tier Breakdown)


Ranking all 17 Legendary Cards | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Today in Clash Royale we’ll rank all 17 Legendary Cards, breaking them out into 3 different tier lists! We’ll eventually narrow the scope down to the top 5 Legendary cards in the game! What do you think of my ranking? Which cards did I get wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. c l o u d y says

    the miner was great but now he sucks ;-;

  2. Ansh Lakhe says

    I think
    2.magic archer
    3.night witch

  3. Hank Peterschmidt says

    I would have ranked it like this.
    17. Inferno Dragon
    16. Ice Wizard
    15. Fisherman
    14. Sparky
    13. Lava Hound
    12. Graveyard
    11. Magic Archer
    10. Royal Ghost
    9. Princess
    8. Night Witch
    7. Bandit
    6. Ram Rider
    5. The Log
    4. Miner
    3. Mega Knight
    2. Lumberjack
    1. Electro Wizard

  4. Daniel soto says

    I feel like you call or refer all legendary cards as she

  5. Andy Zavala says

    Great suggestions but most of them would make every single legendary card OP. I know that that’s the point because they are legendaries but I think Supercell just doesn’t want them to be too OP

  6. The Communist Next Door says

    I don’t know what the odds are, but I got two legendaries from FREE CHESTS, a Magic Archer and a Night Witch.

  7. Speed Ninja says

    I love how he says he wont edit the vid then the intro shows up

  8. rozpierdalacz wkurwiony says

    I using royal ghost , miner , bandit, lumber jack , mega knight, magic archer , sparky and night wich yes my deck is build only from legends

  9. Anirudh Naveen says

    I don’t get miner.

  10. DexMango says

    Dude the night witch is ass

  11. Eli Gabree says

    I love the fisherman still

  12. The Flying Scots 910 says

    This is my list, quite different from this but still:
    Tier 4:
    17: Fisherman
    16: Graveyard
    15: Ghost
    Tier 3:
    14: Lavahound
    13: Inferno Dragon
    12: Sparky
    11: Princess
    10: Ice Wiz
    09: Mega Knight
    Tier 2:
    08: Night Witch
    07: Ram Rider
    06: Lumberjack
    Tier 1:
    05: E-Wiz
    04: Miner
    03: Bandit
    02: Log
    01: Magic Archer

  13. Diamondguy 1 says

    When he puts mega knight below graveyard and lava hound yk it’s inaccurate

  14. Ry Morrison says

    My tiers: (Not including ready-made top decks, just individually or with a few other cards)
    D: Princess, Lava Hound, Fisherman, Graveyard
    C: Night Witch, Royal Ghost, Ice Wizard, Miner
    B: Inferno Dragon, Sparky, Electro Wizard
    A: Magic Archer, Bandit, Mega Knight, Lumberjack, Ram Rider, Log

  15. Same D says

    Lumber jacks nerf a few seasons ago should be reverted he should have his hit speed back

  16. Ritexus says

    I actually use the magic archer and night witch in my deck

  17. Devan Menon says

    Pekka witch shouls have been legendary

  18. Matt Vogelsang says

    The log is not number4

  19. Ajcoltrain Jenkins says

    I have none of the tier 1 legendary cards I have the mega knight, princess, inferno dragon, fisherman, and electro wizard

  20. Hulk says

    Mega knight 11??? You are out of your mind mega knight is 1 that shit is inmortal.

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