Ranking Top 10 WORST Cards in Clash Royale (DELETE or BUFF?)


Top 10 Worst Cards in Clash Royale | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Clash Royale’s worst cards are, well, worse than ever! Let’s talk about the bottom rung of Clash Royale cards right now and why I think they’re awful. Should these cards be ignored? Deleted? Or buffed?

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  1. Stay tuned for some awesome CRL World Finals recap content (featuring some of the biggest players of the day) – I'm actually traveling back to LA for the Game Awards (check out my pics from the event on IG/Twitter!) but stopped home real quick to catch up on content! Some awesome stuff coming later this week. Thanks for all your support and apologies for not being as dedicated to responding to comments while traveling as I should be. Much love! -Ash

  2. Wrong things in this video my top 10 worst cards are these (idk Bout the ranking they dont matter)

    1. Canon (I do agree)
    2. zappies (also agree)
    3. Goblin giant (useless)
    4. Earthquake spell
    5. Elexir collecteur (it used to be good, but in higher arena, you don't have time to wait for one extra elexir every 15 or so seconds
    6. Bats ( they only good as support but even so weak and not that good for their cost.)
    7. Barbarian (everyone has a counter, mega knight, fire ball, valkary, baby dragon, bomb tower. Etc.)
    8. Rage…. LOL JK too usefull
    Real 8. Fisherman
    9. Giant snowball
    10. Royal hogs (they too easy to kill, way too easy.)

  3. My List (it's not based on which decks are they good, I just analize every card by itself):
    (Correct me if I write anything wrong, i'm Argentinian).

    10- Goblin Cage.
    It works fine as a defense, but there are a lot better options, some of them are even cheaper than it. And the Goblin inside it's not too impressive.

    [9.5- Heal Spell] (If it was still in the game).
    It's not even lower because it costed 1 Elixir, but it was very unnecesary and ocassional, even more than the Clon Spell.

    9- Earthquake.
    It is only needed for destructing buildings, apart from that, it's useless. It is super occasional and I think it is a mixture of everything bad that a spell could have (3 elixir [more than Zap or The Log], very slow damage, cannot damage air cards, etc.)

    8- Cannon Cart.
    It can only target one card, doesn't do too much damage, 5 Elixir and cannot even attack air cards. It's not easier to use the Musketeer? Or the Archeers?

    7- Wallbreakers.
    Everything can kill them easily, even the skeletones. However, it's not lower because it only cost 2 Elixir.

    6- Barbarian Hut.
    Too expensive, it does only summon two barbarians per year, and it is much better to use any other better and cheaper building.

    5- Hell Spirit (I mean Heal).
    Sorry, guys; but I hate it. It is SUPER occasional and the Heal does only last 1 Second! I think it is outclassed by the Battle Healer, the Zap, the Snowball or even by the Ice Spirit!!!!!
    I just cannot understand why some people say it super good, after years saying that the Heal Spell was bad, it was much better!!!!!

    4- Elixir Golem.
    Mamma mia! It does not do a lot of damage, it has not a lot of life, and the worst thing is that when it's little forms (dunno their names) die, it gives the opponent 4 Elixir! That gives him/her a lot of new strategies. And if your opponent uses a building, your Elixir Golem would very probably be useless. Maybe it can reach the tower and make damage, but I would prefer to use the Giant, the Hog Rider or the normal Gólem. They cost more, BUT THEY DO NOT GIVE ELIXIR TO THE OPPONENT! Please, NEVER use the Mirror or the Clone spell in this card, because you would give your opponent 9 things: 8 of Elixir, and Shame.

    (The Top 3 cards, are just useless for me).

    3- Three Musketeers.
    Seriously? 9 ELIXIR for a card that can be toned down easily even by the Fireball?! (Note: Fireball is my favourite card in the game XD).
    The worst thing, is that they are not good for dealing with any card! Why would I use them?

    2- Mortar.
    Mortar is just Garbage! Apart from that it is even slower than my grandma trying to go up on an escalator that goes down, it has slow recharge; so the opponent can put a troop (not from air) beside the tower, and it is already countered. It is useless to attack troops, it's only use is to make a bit of damage to the towers, but it is so easy to destroy… It can not even attack the air troops!!!!!
    It could not have been created and it would be exactly the same.

    1- Elixir Collector.
    Is Supercell Laughing at us? A card that it is supposed to give you Elixir costs 6?!
    What makes it useless for me is that it gives you 1 Elixir per centhury, it does not last too much, and that's the only way you can get Elixir from it (unless you use the rage, but would you use two card slots and 8 Elixir only for that?)
    Not to mention if your opponent has a strong spell like the fireball, it takes off half of it's life and it would very probably give less than 6 Elixir.
    And my question is: Is it actually worth it to waste 6 Elixir and one oportunity to use an useful card, in something that would very probably give you less Elixir than it costs?

    That's my opinion, I would like to know the yours! Even if we do not agree!

  4. How can you out the canon on this list and not even mention the bomber? ?
    Did you completely forget about that card because it’s so useless or what

  5. Tbh cards are all about learning to use them. Clash Royale is a super creative game and they want to make some challenges for us

  6. You are the noobest player fo clash royal you can't use those cards so you those cards suck? damn ash noob playar you need to learn and practice

  7. I was shocked when he said elite barbarians for worst card in the game, I have them in my deck and I'm a decent player I think. I get around 6,000 trophies at the end of each season.

  8. I fucking love the zappies they counter sparky and inferno dragon theres 3 of them and if u use them on ballons the ballon dont even get to drop 1 bomb if u time it right they should be nerfed


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