Rankings ALL 17 Legendary Cards | Where's FISHERMAN?


Ranking all 17 Legendary Cards | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Clash Royale’s Legendary card rankings will get an update today! Today we’ll take a look at ALL the Legendary cards in the game, including the new Fisherman. Let me know what you think of the list! Which Legendary cards are too low? Which are too high? Do you think any need a buff? Nerf? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Some great content lined up this week for you guys!
    – Inferno Tower tattoo vlog (coming later today!)
    – Balance wishlist ft. Shane & Bufarete
    – Top Lava Hound pros top ladder live
    – Easiest Miner poison deck for current meta
    – Crafter top ladder X-bow push
    – Working on a couple other special videos but don't want to share until they're 100% confirmed!


  2. Thx for the vid I have the pass and there are two legendary chests so I wanted to see which one I should pick if I get it

  3. I honestly think that the Night Witch should be higher on the list. This may be just me being me, but it's perfect for ground tanks, especially one that don't only attack buildings. As soon as it dies, it spawns 4 bats, plis the 2 it may or may not have spawns, making 6 bats a perfect match up and positive elixir trade for Mega Knights, Giant Skeletons, Giant(s), and golems!

  4. Video was great but I think two cards need to be swapped. Mega Knight and Ram Rider. The mega knight is increasing in Win percentage. Plus it’s a counter for the ram rider.

  5. My personal thoughts:
    17. Night Witch. Night Witch does not deserve a Legendary status unless they rework her somehow. She is just a reverse Witch. If NW is legend, witch should be too. Night Witch's purpose can be replaced for a different purpose with Fisherman. To support and deal more damage VS to lessen defense. NW also has very little decks, meta or not.
    16. Inferno Dragon. IDrag has honestly not that much usage offensively, and defensively ITower is usually better. A speed buff might be OK.
    15. Royal Ghost. He has very limited meta decks, and his splash is usually redundant. His support is rarely felt and is quite a stand-alone card. A larger splash radius might help, but other stats buff would too.
    14-12. I cannot really decide so I group all of these together: Bandit, Magic Archer and Princess. Bandit is for the reasons you mentioned and is similar to RGh, but slightly better, Magic Archer is just hard to find a situation you can use him well and Princess is just too deck-based. Outside of log-bait-like decks, she just struggles to find a place. Bandit could have a VERY slight stat buff, Magic Archer could be given a slightly longer initial as well as total range, and Princess just higher damage.
    11. Lumberjack. It is a very hard to decide card, but is too similar to Mini PEKKA. He is very slightly inferior but, well, that is enough. He is more F2P at lower trophies, but I think a Rage rework (back to 3 elixer but more buff) with a damage nerf might help this.
    10. Ice Wizard. Has always been good on defense. However, since Clash Royale is a very offense-based game, nothing can compliment it very well. On defense (get it?), Ice Wiz is the best deck-filler and can also make up for defensive weakness in some decks.
    9. Graveyard. Graveyard if played well enough is a "If my opponent can counter it well, I hope he forgets/I surprise him. Else, I win" kind of card. Sort of. It does need a high skill cap as the very first time you play this (like Freeze or sometimes Rage) can take down a tower or fail miserably and alert the opponent.
    8. Ram Rider. Ram Rider is a somewhat flexible card, being able to be used on defense and afterwards go offensively. She is somewhat like the Goblin Giant too, but cheaper and faster.
    7. Sparky. Sparky is a long recharge rate but high burst damage unit. This can be used to defend against big pushes too, with Tornado helping to make it feel like a Rocket… that can continue on its way! It can also kill Zappies before getting zapped, which can be an option to be changed if Sparky ever gets too powerful. However, E-Wiz and E-Drag and zap and lightning balance it out well.
    6. The Log. For the reasons CWA stated, it is a good card. However, Barb Barrel is dead now. I suggest slightly buffing Barb Barrel to killing a card or 2 more, whilst slightly reducing Log's damage (not affecting the things it can kill though) and let it knock back more. After all, this is what gives it the Legendary title.
    5. E-Wiz. Capable of shutting down certain cards, is always a good card to have. It is decent offensively too, and its dual attack can help in killing things like bats or skeletons or simply zapping more things.
    4. Miner. Sorry to disappoint you, CWA, but I do not think that Miner is top. It can be very versatile and cost-efficient, yes, but it is not that great that it should be top. Some decks would prefer cycle cards rather than the chip damage of Miner, or other strong cards. In my opinion, Miner is a deck-filler aside from bridge-spam or cycle like decks.
    3. Mega Knight. Mega Knight has always been a strong card in my opinion. The most effective way of shutting down a push is to kill the supports. MK and other tough melee AoE, specifically Valkyrie, can do this extremely well. With the PEKKA nerf, this is much better. You can then counter-attack.
    2. Lava Hound. Lava Hound is second for only 1 reason: it is the only air tank. That's it. Also it is really bulky and splits into lava pups and hence gives Clone value… wait, actually THAT WAS IT.
    1. Fisherman. The video states it all. A suitable nerf might be hook range or hook time, or a bigger HP nerf.

    Thanks for reading this entire thing! I know not many people will…


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