RASCALS vs ALL LEGENDARY CARDS – Clash Royale Highlights


New Rascals vs All Legendary Cards, Clash Royale Rascals Gameplay by RadicalRosh. Watch this video to know how Rascals performs better against all legendary cards in Clash Royale.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and congrats if you stayed until the end!

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  1. GameFox601 says

    I cant believe how many people in the comments are saying that the levels are unfair. Its literately old tournament standard. like did these kids start playing a week ago?

  2. Richard Ayala Soto says

    Um I don’t like the song it’s annoying me

  3. Samridhi Mohla says

    Levels are unfair

  4. Martin Duron Lara says

    Esto es trampa los pillos al nueve y las legendarias al uno

  5. Muhammad jibril hakim Hakim says

    obviously the level 1 legendary try the same level

  6. Mike Spike 88 says

    Can we smash 100 likes? 7:38 The kid named “100 likes”… 😧😧😰😰

  7. Alex Deleg says

    Son los peores vídeos que e visto

  8. Randy Garcia says

    Porque las legendarias están al nivel 1 la la otra al nivel 9

  9. Stewart Mackay says

    All epics vs max level mini pekka

  10. Angelica Guadalupe Lopez Rodriguez says

    Les ganaron por que las legendarias es ta van a nivel 1 y los otros al 9

  11. Wilder Briseño says

    Tan maricas disque novel 9 contra nivel 1 pobres bobo

  12. Crunchy Crumby says

    I swear there are too many kids thinking that the levels are uneven. A level 1 legendary back in May is the same as a level 9 one today, read the pinned comment, stop crying.

  13. Syotipots Valena says

    Not fair all legendary are level 1 and rascals are level 9

  14. Jeongmo Park says

    Level 9 vs level 1!? Totally unfair!!

  15. Ivan Bustamante says

    This was dumb because the legendary cards are level 1 and the rascals are level 9 this stupid

  16. Nisha Gaikwad says


  17. MikeTheBoy Zz says

    Wheres fish man

  18. Tanmay Morduney says

    Legendary vs epics

  19. Rezaul Haque says

    False all false

  20. Laura Ortega says

    Porque las legendarias son de nivel 1 y la otra de nivel 9😒

  21. Kendryck Payano says

    Take out the ones on the back there ass

  22. Megafaucão gamer says

    nivel um e facil

  23. Nilo Samudio says

    Saparky win 😍😍😍

  24. Nilo Samudio says


  25. Hunter Broadbent says

    Level 1 vs level 9. Fair I think not

  26. Bace Check says


  27. Bace Check says

    5:05 6 elixir? Since when

  28. Josh Merrow says

    7:26 did you see the sparky dab

  29. Kody Seo says

    Me:Rascals are the best character.
    Mega knight: Jump on them and they die. BOOM.
    Me: Mega knight is the best card.

  30. John Sherwin Comia says

    Legendary are all lv 1

  31. Manowar 6850 says

    5:04 me and my friends during the zombie apocalypse

  32. Anca Dumitrescu says

    What all the legendaryes are level 1 ?

  33. custom vn says

    Mày làm video chó dừa dừa thôi nghe chưa

  34. Weverton Brenno says


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