Remembering Hana Kimura: Free Wrestling Observer Live


On this free edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Jim Valley reflects on the short but memorable life and career of Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura, who has passed away at the age of 22. [May 23, 2020]

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  1. beautiful and unforgetable moment thank you very much hana kimura you will always remember your beloved works your performance in the wrestling ring goodbye hana kimura you are calm with god

  2. When Io and Kairi left Stardom, I was really worried about the promotion. Obviously Mayu was a huge part of their continued success but Hana's rise during this time was massively important as well. She was clearly one of the breakout stars in stardom over the last few years. She really came into her own with TCS. Although I still even remember Hana Kimura as one of the stars that had the most charisma from when I saw my first Stardom show at Korakuen in around 2017 when she was in Oedo Tai. She was clearly over already. It's a definite loss for the world. I hope people learn from this and the terrible culture of online bullying and anonymous A-hole tendencies of the internet can go away or diminish.

  3. I started watching STARDOM about a year ago, primarily because I wanted to see some old Kairi and Io matches. It didn't take long to get me hooked; so many of the girls were really talented … loved the various sub-teams and even the press conferences had a certain aura and charm to them. I notice Hana almost immediately. There are certain people that just have "it" and she was one. I was certain I was going to see her on WWE or AEW, no doubt whatsoever.
    I guess what really shocked me about this was she seemed to have it all – charisma, talent, confidence, beauty, a bright future – and yet this. I never saw a hint of sadness or worry, just that big, beautiful smile. Obviously we never know what a person is truly feeling inside … but I'm still stunned about this.
    I really appreciate you doing this show for Hana, thank you!

  4. Shes the reason i got into stardom. Woke up at 2am saturday morning and saw the headline. She wouldve been a star. Its. She was too young i feel horrible for her mother. Ive been bummed all weekend because of this. RIP

  5. 0:00 Intro – Jim Valley
    2:51 Mourning Hana Kimura – MVP Money Draw
    4:25 Terrace House Reality Show
    7:35 Stardom Ring
    8:30 Beautiful, has a presence, attitude, 2nd Generation
    10:20 Timing, Instinct, Charisma (Knows what she is doing)
    12:25 Call-Ins
    + She was nice to everyone
    14:45 +Spoke English well
    16:29 +Intangible Quality + Over 600 fans
    21:59 She was a young person
    23:57 Her character was a mean girl, Alexa Bliss type
    30:10 Cause of Death 🙁
    34:55 Try to find something that brings you peace

  6. It's a very sad day as the world mourns…*THUNDER! NA NA NAA NA NA NAA NA* 🎶 …the passing of Hana Kimura…*THUNDER! NA NA NAA NA NA NAA NA* 🎶

  7. So dark… and somber… and open the show w AC/DC to the mentioning of her memoriam. Ahhhhh and then the Beautiful People… should I take exception w the producer or what? Smh

  8. Thanks Jim for this coverage: It's important to stress the role that Hana's status as a multi-genre star in Japan played in all of this. It's tempting to talk exclusively about the more obvious social issues at play here (and I imagine whatever American media covers it will do that), but her status as a pro wrestler was obviously not the only thing that mattered.

  9. I really hope that other wrestling promotions look at this, and start encompassing mental health in their wellness policies. Or perhaps some social media coaching. It's all fair and good for us to get on the high horses, and brow beat about cyberbullying like we're above it all. And we can hope that this tragedy marks turning point in expunging toxicity in our fandoms(yes, the cyberbullying came from Terrace House fans, but let's be honest. the IWC got its own reputation for a reason).
    But the reality is that, in a month from now, we'll all have moved on, and we'll be spitting acid at things and people we hate like it's business as usual. End of the day, people are cunt coated cunts with cunt filling, and drizzled with cunt sauce. And social media only amplifies the cuntage of people. Nothing is ever going to change that. But perhaps if these wrestling promotions took the mental health of their performers seriously, then maybe future wrestlers will be better equipped to handle the cuntery of the internet.


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