Review: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE (Manual)


I review the track-ready 2017 Camaro SS 1LE with a manual. Huge thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet! If you’re interested in a Camaro contact Cam at 724-444-5224 or and tell him Subaruwrxfan sent you!
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  1. "Overall this Chevrolet Camaro is very nice, sounds very nice, and the seats are really comfortable. Okay let's see how the acceleration is. Now the transmission and clutch are PRETTYYYWHOOOOOOOHWOHNHAHAHAHAHOWH i ANNDH BOWUEBBWBSPSUUNNS DFBF I CAN'TBELIEVHOOOOHOHOHEEE HAHAHAHA NFHHHOWWWWWWWOWOWOWOWWWEEEEEEE HOHEEHAHAHAHA!!!"

    Every single review. It's really kind of annoying.

  2. Love your reviews Matt! Hey for about same price what would you go with, this newer 1le or the 2014 Camaro ZL1 you reviewed? Thanks!

  3. What was that part he glossed right over about not being able to shift from first to second?? I found this video because I'm looking to buy this car next and in all my life I've never driven a manual that I couldn't put it in whatever gear I wanted to. Does this aftermarket fix he mentioned void warranty? Why is this not a bigger deal?

  4. Dear Chevy,

    Please include a lumber support system in your 2020 models!! For some people the no lumbar support is a dealer breaker for them.

  5. Best sells pitch ever ! Chevrolet should give you that car for all the ones that will sell from your video, I’m getting one myself.

  6. I left this morning to go buy a 2019 Mustang GT Performance Pack 1, and decided to drive this car before signing the paperwork. There’s a 2018 Camaro SS 1LE in my garage. Amazing car.

  7. how is 6 piston brakes ' limited slip diff , high performance suspension ' bigger mags ' recaro seats ' front lip overpriced for $6500 . Doesn't understand business costs typical dumb lefty

  8. Just FYI, the tires are pretty cold at 50 degrees. Above 70 degrees, or hot on the track, they stick like glue. I own one, and it is completely different depending on tire temp.

  9. It’s funny how he drives with 2 hands!! I drive my 2018 SS camaro with the 1LE Manual transmission offcourse with one hand!! Lol

  10. I drove a 2018 yesterday. Un-fucking-believable! And this was the SS, not the ZL1. Power, handling, braking, sound…Damn son, you don’t need to do a thing to this car.

  11. love the car have one but lets not rub it in and rip others for what they drive to each there own .. go Chevy love my new car


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