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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of VietJet Airbus A321-200 in Economy Class from Singapore Changi (SIN) to Hanoi (HAN) on VJ916 featuring their Economy Class cabin as well as Service, Food and Lounge.


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  1. Follow me on for daily updates! DISCLAIMER: This vlog was filmed before the global pandemic. Please stay at home!

  2. I love josh and his content, However, he's been doing this way too long not have a better command of the English Language. E.g. "Flavors, Spaghetties, and Turbulances" . Really Josh? C'mon babe.

  3. The best entertainment during a flight is right there, on your right: the window views. When there's not much visibility, a good book is my first option…

  4. Vietjet is an airline I try to avoid at all cost to be fair. Cabin crew is good to outstanding usually, but the legroom is painful and I can't even sit straight with it.

  5. What is the news of Corona disease? I do not see that you are working as a precaution against this disease

  6. Just visited Hanoi at December.. Beautiful destination and best winter destination too. Especially I love Hanoi airport such a beautiful eye sight for all airlines.. The best airport at Asia.

  7. Traveling with a pretty girl! That's great but the bathroom is sooo small that there is no room for a mile high adventure. However, I did appreciate the colorful bathroom but there is no shelf to change baby's diaper! The good and the bad, BUT your reviews are always good.

  8. Thanks for the advice about not booking the last row …….. I never book the last row on aircraft for this reason. Also isn’t it just good manners to ask the person sitting behind you if it’s ok to recline the seat? I really felt sorry for Seraphina, with hardly any personal space there, and she was so good natured about it, bless her! Are you both still flying Josh, during the Covid crisis? Or are these trip reports taken before the lockdown happened? Whichever way round it is, keep up the great work, your videos make lockdown more bearable!


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