Riot Reveal Wukong Rework Scheduled, Jump Walls with Protobelt "Broken" | LoL Epic Moments #491


Riot Reveal Wukong Rework Scheduled, Jump Walls with Protobelt “Broken” | LoL Epic Moments #491
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  1. Kuba Puchalski says

    "It's time to FreeWuKong" comment made my day…

  2. minikop says

    i cant stand the english on 9:45

  3. Ali says


  4. Twister D. says

    0:56 god demais kkk

  5. Mist SGM says

    Wtf did i just listened to in 9:45

  6. klarenz cobie says

    League of Bugs

  7. SuSan Gaming says

    ngon ngon

  8. Derr Vil says

    What's your native language??

  9. Suffian Azmier says

    Its not moe voice, its chinese voice. Get that right.

  10. X1 LIXO says

    0:49 olaf dando rage no time.

  11. van ken says

    8:05 two dragon ?

  12. Muleke Neutro says

    Alguém BR? ( Pijack God)

  13. Jonathan Jonson says

    The age of death cap wukong is coming

  14. TropicalGreen says

    I like how there is a vayne triple in the video while vayne just does that every game shes in no matter how behind she is?

  15. Carlos Bittencourt says

    king nidhogg is like the boogie man for keyboards lol

  16. Dauverchain Mathias says

    The voice at the end is strange

  17. Aoba Shen says

    That voice again.. 😍😅

  18. Real One says


  19. 유태현 says

    7:19 what bgm??

  20. Macoy Pereye says

    Her voice is pretty cute

  21. ⴳⴰⵖⵓⵍ ⴳⴰⵖⵓⵍ says

    dang that voice is cute
    ( • . •)
    / >♥️ 『かわいい』(゜o゜)(・o・)

  22. Krakerstyle says

    Une video putaclic perdez pas de temps

  23. T Gay - Series says

    1:25 Kai'sa player talkin about balance Yikes

  24. Project Caitlyn says

    9:50 fk dat voice pls 😑

  25. Kaisuis XX says

    Still can't understand you

  26. Gugão says

    eu fiz um penta igualzinho de irelia, olha ai no meu canal.

  27. Benjamin Wang says

    Literally gonna stop watching these Videos cause of the voice at the end lol

  28. Monika Nee Chan says

    i came here because of that voice ^_^

    Edit: why everybody in the comments hate the voice???
    Maybe they can't appreciate the Gap Moe of the voice 😓

  29. Vincenzo Genco says

    Yesss my wukong

  30. Life Of Gamer Rr says

    These is a fight who wan clan
    Like=League of Legends clan
    Comment=Rules of Survival Nrx

  31. Qiyana A parede, rio e o Arbusto says

    Zoe mains getting a free protobelt with a random minion: [Insert cringe meme here]

  32. Guilherme Ricosti says

    Thank you, SoloMiD!

  33. Vorname Nachname says


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