SAO's Legend : Aincrad Watcha Playin'? First Gameplay MMORPG


SAO’s Legend,browser game based on Sword Art Online. Classic storyline and various gameplay, Open your PC now,goddesses are waiting for save!

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  1. GRAND PAS says

    ATTENTION Arnaque
    Tous le monde sais que lorsque c'est gratuit c'est vous le produit. Mais là ils se moquent du monde …
    Payer un peu n'est pas le soucis, mais à ce niveau c'est de l'escroquerie pure et dure… Il n'est pas étonnant que les serveurs soit vide, payer sans même en profiter au bout d'un moment ça lasse.
    J'aurais dû me douter en voyant qu'il fallait dépenser 5 € rien que pour changer le nom débile du perso de départ.
    Au départ vous allez payer, mais lorsque vous aurez perdu 20€ pour valider une évolution que vous n'aurez pas car il y a un reset à 5h00 et bien vous ferez comme moi, vous supprimerez ce jeu.
    Bien a vous les arnaqués
    Grand Pas

  2. elderson lumanta says

    where do you get gems

  3. elderson lumanta says

    1000 gems wow

  4. Deidara Explosion says

    auto battle in pc so boring

  5. Legends Of Aegis says

    We are developing an MMORPG inspired by SAO and Log Horizon, if you want to visit our videos and website, it would help us a lot, since to carry out a project like this is something very long and complicated and all your support helps us to follow day after day.

    Kind regards,
    Legends Of Gaia Team

  6. brandonz77 says

    howd you start with diamonds?

  7. Hiro says

    how do you login and when i ever do my emil it gose error -`-

  8. Gummies says


  9. Duy Nguyen Le Dong says

    cant play T_T 94% for 1 freakin hours and till now still can play

  10. Voxi Vox says


  11. Xiuma says

    It's funny because I'm level 63

  12. Tryxonia says

    Looks terrible tbh.. When i saw SAO had an mmo i was like omg yes but.. this is not what SAO deserves at all…

  13. Loafus Cramwell says

    i tried this for a few mins this is some p2w browser mmo they should make a real legit SAO mmo

  14. omar el amrani says

    is this channel covering browser games only?

  15. Beastmode Gaming says

    wow 28k views already :O

  16. Prodigy Gamerz says

    Kirito First Fight

  17. ahsokalover117 says

    yea I rather not play that I rather play the SAO on my VITA then on this crappy game sorry SAO your good but this game style is bad

  18. mahsun akman says türkler buyrun 🙂 [ sao legend s6.Asuna 🙂 ]

  19. LOL replay says

    holy shit that looks bad af.. not the good bad either, like the BAD bad.. not like the Michael Jackson – Who's Bad, but like bad old milk bad.

  20. Beans The Cat says

    This game is based off of one of the most original and popular anime in the world but is still generic af

  21. Jeffrey Kou says

    Unlicensed game. Likely someone (ASCII media works or more likely Bandai-Namco, because most of models used in game are ripped from VITA version of SAO games) in Japan will sue the Gamesprite.Me for unauthorized use of copyrighted material. Plus SAO's Legend official site does not mention anything about "license" anyway..

  22. Evaldas Preibys says

    one of most boring games 😀

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