SAO's Legend (Alpha) Gameplay Part 1


☣Second Channel ☣

☣Hope u like the video if u would like to see any other games let me know in the comments 🙂

☣Music By: tecknoaxe



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  1. pls play this game continusly as fairytail online 04 games pls post sao online videos and thanks i am a great fan of ur gameplays

  2. Great video but I don't personally even consider these types of models games ? More like a side scroller with heavy auto functions and heavy into micro transactions area for money ! That's not fun to me but each to there own for enjoyment. =)

  3. Battle Power – Isometric view – hordes of enemies – horrible D3D animations – this is a step away from Eudemons xD Just need pets that boost your BP based on their rank.

    Edit: however the gui looks like a mobile MMO – which I'm guessing this game will also release.

  4. is that all we get ? piece of shit :@ …. it makes no difference with all the other stupid mmos … its the exact game like LoA online … actually i think that this is a recycled game with new name on it … wtf is wrong with the game developers now days … do they really think we are that stupid ?
    This is my personal opinion … if u like it , go play it .


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