Sell Products Directly On Facebook with a Facebook Shop


Set up a shop and sell your products directly on Facebook with this step by step tutorial.

[Please Read] UPDATE 1/19 – Hey everyone, Facebook has made some changes to setting up a shop so your screen may look different than this one in the vide.

We’ll be publishing a new tutorial soon showing the new walk through and answering your questions.

Please remember – Facebook is *always* updating their system and I record what I have on screen. Some users will have specific requirements that we do not have so we’re unable to answer every specific question.

Thank you for understanding. Make sure you’re subscribed so you get a notification when the next video is published.


In this episode of Marketing TV, I show you the benefits of a Facebook shop on your business page AND walk you through setting it up, step by step.

If you’re struggling to get traffic or sell more product – there is a LOT of potential with this feature so it’s time to set this up, NOW.

Once you’re set up, you have an unlimited amount of marketing opportunities to drive more traffic to your products.

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  1. My clothing brand page gave me the shop option but It only directs people to my website & I'm having a hard time trying to add my cool T-shirts into my products. Also I'm trying to do this so I can sell my products on my Instagram. But I have no idea how to add products.

  2. Hi Mam, I want to add the 'Shop' tab to my page but there is no option available in my page. So kindly guide me how to get the Shop option ? With Thanks!

  3. is there a way to setup a "product option" for other products like shoes of clothes where people can choose different colours or size for same products?

  4. Is anybody making sales on Facebook shop? I never even knew it existed. I've never seen a Facebook shop… That's gotta tell you something.

  5. Thank you very much. This was a great informative video. Last week I had tried to add a product on my shop page but that was rejected by Facebook. When searched at Google I was advised to incorporate "Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer" & "FTC Affiliate Disclaimer" policies on the page. Please advise me as to how can I do it.


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