Setup Facebook Shop And Promote Your Business Products – Step By Step Guide


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In this video you can learn how to setup facebook store and sell products directly to facebook users or drive traffic to your shopify or woocommerce store or your amazon associate store.
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  1. Thank you very much for your great tutorials. I have faced a problem while I had tried to add a product on my shop page. When searched on Google I came to know that Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer & FTC Affiliate Disclaimer: should be attached to appraise the visitor that as an affiliate I would earn a commission if they purchase from my link. Please also let me know where should we put such a disclaimer.

  2. I tried to set up the shop section on my page, but something when wrong. I made the mistake of hitting the back arrow, bcus I saw that I didn't do it correctly. I recieved a problem message, and now I can't finish. Can you help?

  3. Hello and thanks for your useful video. But I don't have an Edit Option button – for variants . Please, help! Thanks in advance!

  4. Does this also work for etsy sellers also is there a charge for this on your facebook . Probably not free to set up shop now . Thanks so much

  5. If I'm a reseller of a famous brand (GE) can I make a business page and sell their products? or do I need to make my own products?

  6. Thank you for this very helpful video. I set up a "Message to buy" shop on my facebook business page (Exclusive Antiquitäten Barbara Traube). I also added to my shop more than 30 products which are already checked by facebook. My Problem is that my costumers can see my shop but not my products although all products are public. Moreover I have no share shop button next to the gear (settings) like you in the video. Can anyone help? Notice: I set up my shop 4 days ago.

  7. Hello, I already have the shop like you explained, but now it says and expects me to put my social security and private information. Is that normal? I am asking because you did not showcase that in the video. That is the only way to be able to have a shop now on facebook. Please advise, thanks!

  8. When I stated watching your channel I had less than 500 subscribers and now I am doing much better thanks to your videos. Thank you!!??????


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