SHOCK WWE DRAFT! Roman Reigns DOES Have WWE Heat? Hana Kimura RIP | WrestleTalk News


What do you think of AJ Styles being drafted to SmackDown? Let us know in the comments!
00:00 – RIP Hana Kimura / 03:39 – Shock WWE Draft / 05:41 – Roman Reigns Does Have WWE Heat? / 07:12 – WWE SmackDown Review
SHOCK WWE DRAFT! Roman Reigns DOES Have WWE Heat? Hana Kimura RIP | WrestleTalk News
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Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura has unfortunately passed away, there’s been a shock WWE draft and Roman Reigns actually does have heat with WWE? All this and more on today’s WrestleTalk News.

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Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura passes away


Roman Reigns backstage heat


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  1. OLI: What do you think of AJ Styles being drafted to SmackDown?
    00:00 – RIP Hana Kimura / 03:39 – Shock WWE Draft / 05:41 – Roman Reigns Does Have WWE Heat? / 07:12 – WWE SmackDown Review

  2. 0:19… Maybe not the best timing to put the chopper pete thumbs up graphic over the announcement of a wrestler’s death.

  3. 1:49 She did not slap him, were is this coming from. Everyone says she slapped him, it's simply not true. Watch the episode. She grab the brim of his cap, not even touching him and then threw the cap on the table. Was it a bit childish? Sure, but far from a slap.

  4. humanity cannot stop communication but still should crack down on "psychic" shows. we have to understand, this is Dr.Mengele creeping up from his stinking grave, experimenting with psychic "weakness" of people, for the sake of technologies of mass manipulation and advertising.
    they have all kinds of evil elements, including racism and bullying, but everything is redacted with the help of media lawyers, that protect the show and its undertakers.
    so it is almost impossible for the candidates to complain.
    also, East Asia need to get their stuff together, and consider what development means at all, within that global setting of countries and nations. they destroy their own young women, and it is good ones, that give their country a modern and friendly reputation.

    they have so much of super kind stuff and human values and buddhist etc. culture, and everything nice, 24/7 on their global TV channels.
    BRING IT ON !! not just talk. protect your good people better, and jail the cruel criminals and slave holders.
    and leave the cruelty to the non-democratic countries, as a sign on the wall…

  5. Twitter needs to have a warning label on it saying if you suffer from low self esteem or are mentally fragile please don't sign up. Twitter is a toxic cesspool. It doesn't matter what you follow on Twitter, people will always try to fight each other. I use it to follow my TV shows and the drama and tweets of STANS of certain characters are more fire then what's happening on the show. People go hard. Just look at the political side of Twitter. You get into a Democrat and Republican hashtag and people will personally attack you over an opinion.

  6. To all of those idiots who bullied her online, the police in various countries should trace their social media account email address' & find their IP address, expose them publicly & put them in prison. Cyber bullying & harassment is a crime in most countries.

  7. She must be very weak she’s going to take people by other words to die that’s a very weak person to take the cowards way out I feel that she is a coward

  8. Roman Reigns has heat

    Yet WWE makes an entire video/playlist on youtube dedicated to just ROMAN.
    AND Vince wished him a happy birthday in what is probably a paragraph.

  9. why is everyone getting the wrong info. Hana didn't slap her male housemate. She aggressively took off the hat that the male housemate was wearing

  10. Hopefully the morons who were sending the hate messages will have to pay. There are cyber-bullying laws in the U.S. Hopefully there are some of the same laws in Japan.

  11. I’ve watched this video when it went up on that day, but I had to think ? about how was I going to comment. This is probably going to be my longest comment I’ve ever wrote on this channel but hear we go.

    RIP Shad Gaspard,

    When I heard the news that he was missing, man I was hopefully that he was ok. But that wasn’t the case three dazes later. ?

    I watched him in wwe in the early 2000 with crime time and he did very well with JTG as a Tag Team. The Crime Time segments were great and well written, including there theme music when it comes to Tag Team and single wrestling. Also as a single wrestlers it was entertaining to watch as he cut though promo and beat up his opponents. He was a hero on everything he did in California. It’s a shame what happen to him. My prayers good up to the Gaspard family.

    RIP Hana Kimura,

    Ok, this was a shocker. I do know about the Japanese women wrestling organization called Stardom wrestling and I do know some of the female wrestlers that came from there but I didn’t really follow Hana Kimura nor I didn’t know her. I did some research and yeah I do agree with you Odi Davis, she had a bright future especially being 22 yrs old. When a person makes a decision on what they want to do, expect it and not being them down because u don’t like it. She had a great resume for starting at age 8.

    In this rough times we supposed to be supporting each other and not using them techies on social media. Cyber bullying needs to stop ? and sometimes words hurt people and social media needs to be clean up to separate the good from the bad.

    Furthermore, Hana Kimura could have continue to open up new chapters in her career so she can grow as a wrestler and as a individual for herself. But instead of Hana planning her future, the Kimura family is planning Hana’s funeral ?‍♂️. My prayers go out to the Kimura family, such a sad story.

    Odi Davis, this video was well done and you great a wonderful job as always. ?????????

  12. How about you dont have some dancing Brah when talking about Hana Chan's passing. I stopped the video there and giving this a video a thumbs down and will not finish it. RIP Hana, and F these guys trying to monetize on her passing

  13. I keep seeing people say she slapped the guy on the show, what actually happened is she grabbed his hat off his head and threw it during the fight. Afterwards she accepted his apology but couldn’t forgive him because the outfit had significance since she wore it in an important match at the Tokyo Dome. This lead to people dogpiling her on social media with toxic garbage and ultimately her suicide.

  14. Timing is everything. As such, doing a story about a young wrestler dying is sort of cheapened by Chopper doing his thumb's up dance to hock merchandise in corner. I know merchandise is gravy on your potatoes, but if we are to bash the WWE and AEW for risking people's lives to deliver live wrestling, let's not demean someone's passing to sell t-shirts, ok?


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