SK Telecom T1 vs KOO Tigers | Game 4 Grand Finals LoL S5 World Championship 2015 | SKT vs KOO G4


SKT T1 vs KOO Tigers Lol esports S5 Worlds. 2015 League of Legends Season 5 World Championship Finals – Game 4 SK Telecom T1 vs KOO Tigers | KOO vs SKT G4 S5 Worlds 2015 | KOO Tigers vs SK Telecom T1 Game 4 Grands 2015 Worlds VOD
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S5 World Championship 2015 International League of Legends tournament. S5 Worlds Grand Finals!
Fourth match of the day – SK Telecom T1 vs KOO Tigers – Grand Finals best of 5 Game 4.
KOO vs SKT G4 Worlds full game in HD 720p.

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
MaRin – Top Gnar
Bengi – Jungle Elise
Faker – Mid Ryze
Bang – AD Sivir
Wolf – Support Alistar

KOO Tigers Line-up:
Smeb – top Lulu
Hojin – jungle Rek’Sai
Kuro – mid Kassadin
PraY – ADC Ashe
GorillA – support Tahm Kench

Patch: 5.18 – season 5
Game date: 31.10.2015 | 10/31/2015 | October 31st 2015
Game place: Mercedes-Benz Arena – Berlin, Germany
Casters: Deficio, Jatt and Rivington

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  1. Faker said in an interview a few weeks ago that this is his progame with the best performance of all time (SK Gaming Interview)

  2. Faker 5x de Ryze e venceu todas, o campeão ficou 5×1 porque outro midlaner jogou mas não tava nem perto do gameplay do Faker, SKT estava muito a frente de todos os outros times

  3. I simply don't understand these teams at worlds. Everyone one knows, if Faker picks a champion 3 times, that should be first thing you ban.

  4. Faker is such a monster. He draws so much attention, he gives the outer lane so much freedom to push. Friken Faker!

  5. Damn faker is usually so composed, weird to see him kinda cry at the end. Must be so emotional to do something like he did in a lifetime.

  6. On an unrelated note I want the old smite "helper"s back like bloodrazor and a hunting knife that looks kinda like a pic-axe

  7. The resolve that Skt has is truly the reason why they were able to win and stomped the other teams. No one is going to beat Skt at their best unless they themselves have powerful resolve.

  8. SKT very strong Team. But last year will defeat SKT to Samsung team. i can't wait to watch Samsung vs SKT in final 2017 😃

  9. I'm watching this and I never played this game before, looks cool but weird .. someone tell me please whats special about this game?!!


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